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2018 Nebraska Football Team Awards and Team Experiences

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For those who can't read the tweet, here is a list:

Offensive Back--Adrian Martinez
Receiver--JD Spielman
OL--Jerald Foster
DB--Decaprio Bootle
LB--Luke Gifford
DL--Khalil Davis
Special Teams--Jeremiah Stovall
Offensive Scout--Wyatt Liewer
Defensive Scout--Ryan Schommer
Offensive MVP--Stanley Morgan Jr.
Defensive MVP--Mohamed Barry
Chamberlain--Stanley Morgan Jr.
Novak--Devine Ozigbo
Naive Son--Mick Stoltenberg
Pat Clare--Luke Gifford
The Cornhusker--Bryan Reimers
Lifter of the Year--Devine Ozigbo

Link to Huskers.com story
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Surprised to see Gifford over Barry and Spielman over Morgan, but they both received other awards. Gotta trust the team with how they vote. GBR
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