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2018 Fan Day Thread

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Rich will tell you they don’t follow analytics and they don’t know who the third-string defensive end is going to be, but they care about Husker football all the same. So much so that with baby No. 5 on the way, they made the trip from their home in Omaha with a special request for the new head coach.

Their baby is due on Nov. 8. The nursery is all ready for the arrival. They have a special infant-sized letterman jacket with white sleeves, a black body and a giant red N. Tawni wore a shirt Saturday evening with two baby handprints on it and the words “Quarterback in Training.” All that’s left is a shadow box that will hang near the crib.

They made a onesie, complete with the Husker N and “Team Nastase” on the front, the family name and No. 5 on the back. The goal was for Frost to sign it. Then it would go into the shadow box.
“We actually started out back towards the gates and we were probably about 100 people back. Right when we were about four or five people from the gate, [a staffer] came out the first time and said, ‘I’m not trying to douse your hopes but you’re probably not going to get in here at this point, but you’re welcome to stay.’

Which they did. All night in fact. They left without a single player autograph. And despite several other staffers saying their shot of seeing Frost was slim, Rich stayed in line. They jumped out a couple times for Joren to run on the field and experience the atmosphere but hopped back each time.

“We were kind of hoping to get lucky,” he says.

The family was in a group of close to 100 who were cut off at 8:30 p.m. when the team had to leave for meetings. There was probably some disappointment there, but it didn’t really show. Optimism remained where there should have been frustration. Joren didn’t have a player in mind he wanted to see; he wanted to meet Frost.


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I got to the stadium and in Frost’s line at 3 PM, 3 1/2 hours before the event. Didn’t even make it to the front by 8:30. Total waste of time. It was ridiculous.