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2017 Recruiting Class


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Thanks for all the info you provide of our future players. Hopefully, we get most of them to not leave. :)


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Here is the most recent stats for our 2017 signees:

Mike Addante - OF
.339 average with 19 RBIs
Sounds like he has suffered a knee injury and hasn't played of late

Andrew Abrahamowicz - INF/RHP
53.2 IP with 83Ks and 21BBs and finished with a .52 ERA
First team all-Ohio for second straight year

Max Schreiber - P

2-2 with 17.0 IP and 20 Ks as well as a 1.59 ERA
Sounds like Max has been suffering from arm soreness this year and hasn't pitched as much. He has a sophomore teammate that threw 90mph at a PerfectGame camp and Clemson got in on him early.

Jaxon Hallmark - INF/OF/P
Having trouble finding any stats on him

Gunner Hellstrom - C
.465 avg. with 2 HRs and 15 RBIs

Kennet Sorenson - OF/C
.455 avg. with 4 HRs and 12 RBIs

John Swanda - P

Threw 91mph at a PerfectGame camp a couple weeks ago but can't find stats on him

Keegan Watson - OF/P
.343 avg. with 6HRs and 24RBIs
6-1 with a 1.25 ERA and 39.1 IP with 72Ks and 18BBs


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Between Swanda most likely going the MLB route, Probst flipping to Iowa, and Young heading to IWCC instead of Nebraska, this is a bit scary. Still have some great recruits coming in but losing these 3 will hurt. Hopefully Probst heads the MLB route as well.


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Swanda drafted 4th round so he will be going... that stinks for us but congrats to him!
Yep. Looks like he's already announced that he will sign with the Angels.

Swanda was recently named to Perfect Game’s 2017 National Pre-Draft top prospect list. He will now decide between signing with Nebraska or pursuing a career with Angels, although it appears he has already made a decision.