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2014 HM Awards: Thread of the year (Stanton thread by Huskermonsta)


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2014 HM Awards: Thread of the year

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No question it is the Stanton thread that was a first post thread for Huskermonsta.

New to the forum, Max's 2 for 1 deal removed me from the lurker group. Really liking the vibe coming out of Lincoln, time will tell and it may be a tough transitional year with new terminology, new defense/offense. But you have to like that this new staff has some experience, and we'll get to see how that plays out. I'm intrigued like many others by the qb possibilities, nothing against Armstrong, love his competivness and leadership and hard to argue about his experience. I've just always liked Stanton, I liked his progression through the elite 11 camp and liked how the ball left his arm in last years spring game, not saying he should be hailed the new starter, but if Armstrong is the guy next year and gets dinged up, really liking the chances that the #2 guy will be coached up and ready to take off. Oh and by the way Stanton gives a pretty good interview http://www.huskermax.com/recruits/vid/2015/TWC_analysis.html.. it's around the 34-35 minute mark.
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Sam Bass and the Spot Me Girl Thread

Not Family Friendly;) --HM
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