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2014 HM Awards: Post of the year (Pops)

2014 HM Awards: Post of the year

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2014 HM Awards: Post of the year

(Just checking with SamBass on which post by Red Reign he wanted to nominate and then I will set up the poll)

Past Winners

2013 N2FL

2012 ThotDoc

2011 RedPhoenix

2010 BleedinRedTilDead

2009 Pops

2008 HuskerInOkieland/Husker Country Doc

2007 HuskerInOkieland
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Post of the year....

By Pops....

Right now i'm kind of at a loss for words so please bear with me. What has happened has me thinking of us Nebraska "fans: We argue, we call each other names. We cheer together, we celebrate together we come together.

What the hell you talking about pops? Well a little while ago I put out a request and that request was answered! Most that know me here know what I do. I work with a population that is not well received in our society. THe dark alley addicts of the world, the less fortunate than we are, the frowned upon people of this world. I am semi retired and started working at a transitional house. THis house has at the time 4 cats that life threw them a hard fastball and here they sit...life in limbo. I made a request for one of these cats and I am overwhelmed with the response I received...loss for words...yes truly I am.

With that response, it got me thinking. Yes it is Nebraska football where we have this common bond yet it so much more than that as I ponder all that has happened. Football, great game (not as good as hockey) great game none the less. It isn't BO or any coach that brought us all together. It's us as fans that have a common bond. All walks of life, all sexes, all races and again at the end of the day we are not left with football or any sport we are left with each other. hard time brings out the best in all of us and we work though those hard times together. liever, leaver or in betweener here we are.

It's us who make us who we are. it isnt the coach, it isnt the University, it's the common bond and a brotherhood and sisterhood we call ourselves. Fans of one team that brought us to share the same space in this universe that diverts us from the tragedies of life. We have seen life announced on this board, death, and all the other despair that is thrown our way. One common thing I have seen on this board is. When a call goes out the call is answered 10 fold. For that I have to say thank you. I am overwhelmed with joy at this moment because a dream will come true for someone that is lost. that dream would not be granted without the like of you cats on this board.

So as we wait for the new coach to be announced...I just wanted to throw a thank you to the fans of nebraska that are very very special. I haven't seen this anywhere else the way it is displayed here.

That is why I love Nebraska it's y'all. Football is a game....life is real. Once again the people of this board and of Nebraska are the brightest star in this universe.


Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

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I vividly remember when I got my blackshirt. I was with Bo and his cat in Afghanistan on a goodwill tour, trying to convert opium farmers into defensive back coaches. It was a still, hot night. Not Africa hot mind you, but most definitely Afghani hot. There was a palpable tension in the air. It had been two days since Carl disappeared, with the only communication being a scrawled note sent from him to us saying "I think I like it here." The stress of the search for Carl, the unwillingness of the Afghanis to appreciate the principles of the match-up zone, and the desert heat had driven Bo into a foul temper.

The tensions exploded when Taliban insurgents arrived, declared that any defense other than press man coverage is against the will of Allah and declared a fatwa on us. Pippa Middleton tried to intervene, bringing a calm to the masses that could only be achieved by her hotness. Then she accidentally showed a bare ankle, and the insurgents erupted in rage. The battle lasted for 3 days, a constant wave of brutality in hand to hand combat. Only on the 4th day, when Taliban reinforcements arrived, did I feel it was time to retreat. I threw Bo over one shoulder, Pippa over the other, the cat tucked in her purse, and carried them for 5 miles to a helicopter. After flying them to safety, I commandeered an A-10 warthog, and rained vengeance down on the Taliban position.

Once I returned to the base, Bo was waiting for me with a blackshirt. He said "That's the hustle that I want to see, but your technique in carrying us was *(@&#$!$$@ $!&*#. Fix it." He then handed me my blackshirt.

And that's how it happened. True story. No way I'd misremember something like that.
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My post was from 2015, so it shouldn't count. And besides, Pops kinda crushed it anyway. Please close the poll.