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2014 HM Awards: Non-Nebraska fan of the year (N2FL)

2014 HM Awards: Non-Nebraska Fan of the Year

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2014 HM Awards: Non-Nebraska fan of the year

Past Winners

2013 FORMO

2012 N2FL

2011 FORMO

2010 MizzouRah

2009 Tiger Jeff

2008 MizzouRah

2007 MizzouRah
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Red Don

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One Name is conspicuously absent from the Nominations List: Ellis Boyd Redding :clap:

o He is from out-of-state (Illinois, I believe)
o He has become a staunch booster of all things Nebraska and Athletics (after visiting Lincoln and UNL Campus with his collegel-age child)
o He has at least one student-athlete attending Nebraska (undoubtedly encouraging any other school-age child to consider NU)
o He is a valuable contributor to several Forums.

(No we've not met - just what I remember from reading some posts)