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2014 HM Awards: MVP-Recruiting (N2FL)

2014 HM Awards: MVP-Recruiting

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2014 HM Awards: MVP-Recruiting

Past Winners

2013 Red Reign

2012 Red Reign

2011 Red Reign

2010 Red Reign

2009 HuskerInOkieland/Red Reign

2008 HuskerInOkieland/FeelLikeAstranger

2007 HuskerInOkieland
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Ellis Boyd Redding

Travel Squad
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I'll kick this off with three posters whose contributions I really appreciate...

N2FL - the quality of information per post is unmatched

ShortSideOption - just love the knowledge of the game and insights

Red Reign - the pure volume of information provided is unbelievable


Red Shirt
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This is a 3 man race. Ellis is spot on with what each one brings.

I'm going to go with Red Reign. That guys eats, sleeps, and breathes HMax and Recruiting.

Deleted member 3889

RR though it's close. HIO, N2FL, and EBR do a good job as well.


Tom Osborne
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I'm extremely grateful for all the contributors mentioned above, but have to go with RR.


Husker Immortal
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Red Reign

Does he ever sleep? Great knowledge
and is totally dedicated to the Husker Max
forum. :bow: