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2014 HM Awards: Hall of Fame (ShortSideOption/CombatTargeteer)

2014 HM Awards: Hall of Fame

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Travel Squad
5 Year Member
If HOF is not a popularity award, then I'll nominate 3...GFOA, HuskerRedDread, and ColoRed. Each of them provide the board with very unique perspectives that gives the board a broad spectrum of thoughts. They post often so their contributions are plentiful and they have been doing it for a long time.


Travel Squad
5 Year Member
I'd like to second anyone saying GFOA and CombatTargeteer, the board wouldn't be the same without them.


Founding Father
20 Year Member
I'd like to nominate Smoker. He's been instrumental to providing a tailgate for every home game for the last 10 years or so.... and his breakfast burritos are killer with a Bloody Mary.:cool:


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Huskermedic kindly allowed me to post this request. If you voted for CT for the Hall of Fame award, you need to follow thru.

Please read ahead, then go to Page 2, to follow through on your "vote".


Following through with your vote for Combat Targeteer for Hall of Fame

I was not able to post this discussion on the 2014 Hall of Fame nominee thread. If you "voted" for CombatTargeteer, you had to have followed through to make your "vote" count.

Contact Huskermedic if you failed to follow through with your vote. Again, just posting you
wanted him elected, is not enough.

Originally Posted by Huskermedic

Originally Posted by CrnhskrBob
Hi Huskermedic

It seems, including me, 6 others voted to elect Combat Targeteer to the Hall of Fame.

Well, I am the only one who clicked on his name, top of page 2.

I thought, if I notified those who did not follow thru, they would think I am not minding
my own business.

Hope you can solve this problem. I would hate to see CT not win, due to this over site.

Thanks :)

So they said in the thread to vote for CT but then they did not? If that is the case then each voter who voted wrong can contact me and I can add a vote to who they want. Or they just decided to change their vote and not vote for CT.

I have reached all who voted, except BuffSurveyor. His message box is full. :dighole: :)