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2013 season

p-ville husker

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No matter how we do today in the championship game I want to thank the Huskers for their fine season. Could have been better but they have been a pleasure to see them fight to the end.

Anyone that thinks the Darrin can't coach needs to re-evaluate their thinking as this tournament has shown he can coach and has the team really hitting on all cylinders. The pitching has been great all weekend except for Voigt 9th inning.

Nothing pathetic about this team. They are forcing the issue and putting pressure on the defense.

Let's bring home the championship and the NCAA berth.

I have been saying forever we would make the supers and NCAA, I might be right. :)

Wonder if we would have scheduled 5 games against weaker opponents and won at least 4 would we be in no matter what?


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The Huskers have really stepped up their game in the B1G tournament!

Great effort, well coached.