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2013 HM Awards: Post of the year (N2FL)

2013 HM Awards: Post of the year

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I'm in the middle and pretty much undecided on Bo. But here's the funny thing to me about the Bo-liever/Bo-leaver arguments. We all root for the same thing, we all want the Huskers to be successful (more so than they are). In order for the Huskers to be successful, Bo has to be successful. So even if you can't stand Bo, if you love the Huskers don't you at least have to root for Bo on some level?

At least that's how I see it……...


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I must admit I am a bit surprised to see Husker fans nitpicking their current recruiting class ranking on ESPN and Rivals. I don't see the point of even looking at rankings in June. Kids who are 'committed' to teams whose classes are allegedly ranked higher than Nebraska's will inevitably decommit and Nebraska fans should still have memories of 'commits' like Marcus McWilson, Dominic Walker, Jonathan Cook, Christian Lacouture and Dan Samuelson fresh in their minds.

My point is that Husker fans should feel very excited about the direction the recruiting has gone the past few classes, and is continuing to go. In less than a weeks time, Nebraska picked up commitments from their #1 QB target, #1 OL target, #1 slot-WR target, the #1 K in the '14 class, and IMPO a 4* talent in Tanner Farmer. What is there to be questioning?

Bo Pelini is starting to get the 'father figure' reputation in recruiting circles - and that is a great reputation to have, trust me. Coordinators Tim Beck and John Papuchis are in the elite category of recruiting and Beck in particular is gaining a reputation similar to guys like Gus Malzahn in terms of offensive creativity. Recruits want to play in an offense like Beck's. Terry Joseph is arguably the best recruiter on the staff and among the best in the conference, while guys like Rick Kaczenski and John Garrison are starting to make names for themselves on the recruiting front as well.

IMPO, since the 2011 class, Nebraska is second to none when it comes to QB, RB and LB recruiting. If I were a Husker fan, I would feel very confident that Pelini and staff will compile another Top 25-caliber class come February. And I'll tell you what, IMPO the 2015 class is shaping up to be spectacular. The Huskers are in early with some of the countries best juniors-to-be. TE Alize Jones, OG Martez Ivey, DE Adam McLean, LB Ricky DeBerry, RB Calvin Strong, DE Hale Hentges and CB Eric Lee currently have Nebraska on their short lists and are among the best at their positions for 2015. Since the Pelini-era, I cannot remember Nebraska being in on so many elite juniors this early in the process. If Nebraska can have a BCS Bowl-caliber season on the field come this fall, their efforts in finishing the 2014 and building their 2015 classes will reap the benefits.
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