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2012 HM Awards: Post of the year (TIE)

2012 HM Awards: Post of the year

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2012 HM Awards: Post of the year

State of the Union meets Groundhogs day.. coincidence?
This is an ironic juxtaposition of events.

One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication.

The other involves a groundhog.

How can we sum up the coaching issues? (RedPhoenix is nominee)
Interesting that no one was able to refute any of the coaching issues. Apparently, we have a fan base that is content with losing 4 games per year...that's fair enough...for many to have low standards for our football program.

We can't refute something that doesn't exist.

They've Found It!!!
Pfft, it could be any Corellian YT-1300 freighter. You don't know that it's the Falcon.

Teenage girl supports traditional marriage, gets death threats

I knew there were stupid people. Then comment sections on news articles were installed and I found that there are A LOT of stupid people. Sad.

Award Banners ThotDoc is the nomination.

I like the 'rafter banners' on the sig lines now. Nice touch!

Except my legacy banners look like I'm peering down at my D-cup man boobs.

Obama lies about increasing taxes on everyone?

That is simply a false choice. Only one justice out of nine believed that the constitutionality of the mandate derived from the authority to tax. Two appellate courts had previously determined that the mandate was not a tax. The four liberal justices believed that the authority derived from the commerce clause, but signed off on Roberts' opinion to keep the ACA legal. All nine justices believed the mandate was not a tax for purposes of the anti-injunction act.

Roberts clearly handed Republicans a nice talking point by saying that the mandate is derived from the authority to tax. But to say that means Obama is either a liar or incompetent is ridiculous. This was a decision that was ground breaking in many ways, and Obama was neither lying or incompetent for believing the mandate was a penalty rather than a tax. In any event, people who are responsible and do not wish to be free-loaders have it in their power to avoid having their taxes raised by Obama ... all they have to do is what they should have done in the first place, and that is buy health insurance so they won't be in the position of having to force others to pay for their own health care.

Top Posters of the Month/Year

My posts are like Rex Burkhead passes. Not that many, but they're all touchdowns.

What it means to be a Husker

I've been re-reading the book What It Means To Be A Husker by Tom Osborne (and many Husker greats). Yes, it's a wonderful book full of past players (going back to the 20's) talking about the games and plays that stand out most in their minds, so you can certainly read it just for that.


The power in the book is noted in the title - what it means to be a Husker. What it meant, in that time and place, for that person, to be a Husker.

You read about the Depression from Forrest Behm - who graduated from High School early because his school didn't have the money for all the students. He worked at a telephone company digging holes and attended UNL and tried out for the team because his friends thought it would be fun. No helmet and he broke his nose in the first game he played in. The coach was Biff Jones. He also talks about race relations at the U and in football. "I remember walking down the street and seeing the president of my high school class, who was black. I asked him, "Why don't you come out for football?" He told me he was too busy with his studies and so forth. We had no racial problems in Nebraska then, but what I realized much later was that he hadn't come out for the team because Oklahoma and Kansas and other teams wouldn't play us if we had black players." All this is packed into 5 pages of Behm's chapter. There 48 more personal stories by other well known Husker players.

You can map the changes in the game. When they started wearing helmets. Why Nebraska was proud to not have been invited to a bowl game -ever. When players no longer played both sides of the ball. Changes in coaches, changes in the game, changes in attitude, changes in recruiting. Changes in our country. But always...they talk about what it means to be a Husker and how that affected their lives. And they talk about football.

I know from a fan perspective what it means to be a Husker.

I'm fine if well meaning, but misguided, people call me a fanatic when it comes to the Huskers. When I started dating my husband I told him it was ok that he was an atheist, but he had to convert to the One True Faith of Husker football. He was amenable to that. After the Miracle in Missouri, and the miracle that happened on the floor in front of the TV to celebrate after the game, he was even more amenable. After the pilgrimage to Memorial stadium, he was a true believer, so the marriage was on. The marriage has been a happy one as it is based in shared core beliefs - that this year, this year, we'll play for the championship. Or at least a decent bowl game.

It means I want my team to win, but win or lose, it's about how the game is played. In The Deed, The Glory. That's how I try to live my life and I'm not the only Husker who takes inspiration from that inscription. Husker fans are known for being good sports. It's become a legend. What non-Huskers don't know is how much we care for one another. How deep the bond is between Husker fans. How we find each other all across the country.

If I'm at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on a Fall Saturday I know I'll hear, "Gooooooo Biiiiiiiiiig Reeeeeeeeeeeed" coming from somewhere in the crowd. I also know I'll hear, coming from various points around me, "GO BIG RED!" back. And then we smile and nod at one another and chat a bit about who's injured, what we hope to see, and what the other team's players have been doing. I've had that happen at Oktoberfests, amusement parks, tradeshows, and the Mall of America. We find each other. There's a bond. It's like a more expansive way of waving at each other on a dirt road or a flat highway.

We find each other on social media and sports bars. We celebrate and mourn with Husker fans we may have never met in person or only see on the bar stool three down from us on game day. Weddings, funerals, new babies, new jobs, divorces, and graduations. We've donated to each others causes and prayed for each other and helped each other financially and emotionally. It's the 2012 version of being neighborly. In the deed, the glory.

So while I was greatly moved and fascinated by reading the book What It Means To Be A Husker and those guys were football greats living a life none of us will live - so much of what they wrote about and the emotions they expressed are expressed and lived by my fellow Husker fans. No matter where you live, if you are a Husker, you are in Nebraska. And there's no place like Nebraska.

Go Big Red.

Romney accused of cheating during debate (Chitownhusker is the nomination)

You don't blow your nose with the hankerchief you keep in your breast pocket, which is decorative rather than functional. You would expect that even liberals would know this, even if they don't have the opportunity to wear suits all that often.

Obama's Win turning to Anger, Get Ready Congress

Yep...it's pushed me away. The I'm going to take my ball and go home attitude stonewalled a lot of things during Obama's first term and may do the same the second term. Granted, that doesn't mean the Dems get to run all over the Pubs...it would be awesome if they quit acting like Dems and Pubs and started acting like Americans...or better yet, decent human beings

The Cardiac Kids

My dog (who normally loves me more than anything except food) won't even get near me during games anymore. Hides behind my wife and looks out occasionally to see if the Big Red ogre has left the building!
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How Wisconsin Attacked our 'D'

For those of you trying to figure out what happened, i've watched the game about 3 times now, and can say with about 99 percent certainty my next few paragraphs are accurate. I apologize about the delay, but being at this game left a very sour taste in my mouth and had to get away from it for Sunday....

It's more complicated than this, but the game can be sum'd up by a few plays/strategies. The Jet Sweep, The Counter/Cutback, the Power/Iso.

The last one is simple, and Damon Benning hit on this today. But they could run right at us whenever they wanted with Meredith playing DT, and others getting blown off the ball. Baker Steinkuhler getting hurt should not have made us slide a 250 pound D-End on the interior of the line. One injury should not make us that vulnerable to the run. That being said, I don't think I have to explain what happened on this power/iso play. But where the real masterful game plan came into play was when Wisconsin got tired of only getting 5-6 yards a play and wanted 10-20 yards per play. See below...

It comes down to this. Wisconsin figured out that Stafford and Smith were responsible for safety help over the top with our corners. Basically, our corners play to jump the short routes, knowing they have help up top if there is a double move. That's fine, it's actually worked all season for us. But here's what bit us, they also found out our safeties were responsible for contain on the jet-sweep, or responsible for the cut back on zone reads or the counter. It is impossible for our safeties to get enough depth to help with the deep ball, but also be the help needed to either contain the sweep or stop the cutback. So another way to explain this is, the jet sweep happens so fast, that if the safety is going to help on contain, he needs to be flying up as soon as he sees that jet motion coming through. Easy enough right? But as soon as Wisconsin would have seen us do that, all they would have to do is double move, throw it deep and it would have been a TD. So the reason the poor angles were happening is because even though they would see jet motion, they needed to get depth to help the corner, whhen they knew the ball was handed off, they were already playing catch up. Also, our front seven are not responsible to fly out on this motion, basically our front seven is supposed to run it down from behind while they know the safety will be there to turn the play back to the inside. The reason our front seven don't fly out is because Wisconsin has shown that they would fake the jet sweep and run power inside.

Against Penn St, you remember all of the announcers saying that once the Nittany Lions widened their DEs, Wisky couldn't do anything. Our DEs NEVER play contain. It was up to our safeties to play contain AND have deep half of the field. Quite honestly, just like the UCLA game when Whaley or Compton was supposed to guard the running back out of the back field in the slot, an NFL safety couldn't get this done against Wisconsin, and an NFL LB couldn't get what we asked Whaley or Compton to get done against the Bruins. The good news is, this is fixable. The bad news is, will it be fixed? So many ways you can fix it, but again, will it be done?

I got extremely sick of hearing from our coaches that they didn't know what happened. So I tried to figure it out on my own. Now that I have seen it, I understand how Pelini can't just come out and give the blueprint on how to defeat us, so I now understand the answer he gave. But my problem is, Baker is still going to be out for the bowl game, and I would guess that Georgia is a little better than Wisconsin.

While it's not always great to hear how you are beat, just like I do on some other threads, I think it's good to at least give an answer rather than wondering "why?"


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Red Dead Redemption

Away in a manger, with kraut for a bed
the little link Jesus would go well with wheat bread.
The light in the oven shines down where he lay,
the little link Jesus, still broils on the tray.

The cattle are browning, the baby still bakes,
but little link Jesus, no grease fire he makes;
I love thee, link Jesus, turn down temp from high
and stay near my table since breakfast is nigh.

Be tasty, link Jesus, I eat thee today
with pancakes or waffles and orange juice, I pray;
bless all the cured meats in thy tender care,
and fit in my tummy to digest with thee there.
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