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2012 CWS


Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
It's over and Arizona wins 4-1 and is the National Champion!!!
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Husker Mort

5 Year Member
Congratulations to the Wildcats -- truly deserving play and a class coach & team. :clap:

Anyone notice in the final montage that a squad was using Nebraska's pregame prayer?
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As an old alum of THE original Arizona land grant institution, I'm pleased to see them pull it off. Good pitching staff, it appears. They often used to get topped by the Arizona State Scum Devils somewhere south of the CWS. When I was a student there, it was common to see them in the spring beat up the Big Ten teams that hadn't seen green grass for six months.
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Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
Here are the Final Conference records. The Pac12 and SEC dominated, but the Pac12 record was almost unbelievable.

Pac12 (5 teams) 25-8 (2 teams in CWS, 1 team in Final)
SEC (8 teams) 32-18 (3 teams in CWS, 1 team in Final)
ACC (7 teams) 18-15 (1 team in CWS)
B12 (4 teams) 11-10
BEast (2 teams) 5-4
B1G (2 teams) 1-4
Mtn West (2 teams) 5-5
MVC (3 teams) 3-6
CUSA (4 teams) 4-8
Southern (3 teams) 5-6
WCC (2 teams) 2-4
Southland (2 teams) 2-4
WAC (2 teams) 1-4

MAC (1 team) 6-3 Kent St
America East (1 team) 6-4 Stony Brook