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2011 HM Awards: Non-Nebraska fan of the year (FORMO)

2011 Non-Nebraska fan of the year

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Oh my!
10 Year Member
I would like to nominate FORMO for this category, he is a great add to the football page, a great fan and is fun to have conversations with.


Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
Congrats Formo on the win and thanks for making such a positive addition to this board. :thumbsup:


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
Aww, thanks fellas. I look forward to many more great discussions! Stay Classy, Nebraska!


Scout Team
20 Year Member
Congrats to Formo...well deserved...

I don't think I contributed as much to the football board this past year as I have in the past as most of my posts have been on the "other teams" board so I will try to do contribute more in 2012 and at least not be such a distant second next year!