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2011 HM Awards: MVP-Baseball (CrnhskrBob)

2011 MVP-Baseball

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Tom Osborne
10 Year Member
Congrats on the win CBob and here's hoping your play by play is inspired this year as we need more wins. :D
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Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
I have been so busy that i have not had tghe time to get on the forum for a long time. I just want to say thanks to all who
voted me mvp for baseball. The preseason is almost here and i am hoping to be able to participate, once more. I had the
chance to watch Coach Erstad on the special video! Awesome!!! He means to get us to Omaha!!! :)

I know the preseason starts on the 17th, and hope, somehow, i can get on to help with the game, and enjoy Husker baseball.
I am so wrapped up with the Sr Ctr, plus I am working on Fridays. I hope to get this Friday off, because it is slow, or I will
try to work Thursday, or really early on Friday, if need be.

Hope to "see" you all soon.

Thanks, once more, and GO BIG RED!!!