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#2 Quarterback

Who is the number 2 Quarterback if AM goes down during the non-conference games?

  • Andrew Bunch

    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • Noah Vedral

    Votes: 61 66.3%
  • Luke Mccaffrey

    Votes: 28 30.4%

  • Total voters


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Definitely. I think that is true of most. However, I think McCaffrey is looking at this as a chance to work and develop the right skills to play QB at a high level rather than as a chance to simply play early. So there's a good chance he's willing to be patient while he reworks his motion and other technical things to become as good as he can be.

Verduzco really is a difference maker for this team. Not only does he make the team that much better by his QB coaching, he's also a big recruiting draw for QB's who want to refine their skills
Yep. Agree about Luke. Special young man, special family. None of those guys got where they are by taking shortcuts or being prima donnas. I read that Lukes bro will be getting game snaps at Michigan along with Patterson.