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2 more players leaving...


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Because of this move I will be going to my first game since the 1990s. I guess I'm kinda positive with our new coach!


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This all bothers me a little. I dont have enough knowledge obviously about the situation, and am fully behind FB hire and the firing of TM. But this just feels like its not how NU athletics should be idk. Again, its just an initial gut feeling, but doesnt seem right that a coach comes in and just tells everyone to leave. "you no longer have a spot on the team". Its not like AH isnt Div I talent.
Anyway, Im sure its in the best interest of the program and the decision is to get things going now. I get that................but does it seem like the kind of program Code/ethics/character/etc,etc,etc that we should be showing our student athletes? To me it doesnt.
I could see him telling a kid or 2 that he wants them on the team but that based off what he sees, he needs to really get better fast or he might not play. But to tell kids you no longer have a spot, dont want you on the team???????? Even if its done with class, doest seem right to me.

Is it a bummer for a kid to get told they don't fit? Sure. Is it harder because you know the kid wants to stay? Of course. But try to keep in mind that these guys aren't getting booted from school, they can stay and just work toward a degree and still get financial aid, they just aren't going to play basketball, and that's what most want to do. Fred has looked at what these guys can do, and it's not going to fit into what he wants to do in the next 3 years. He's not just making roster changes for next year, he's making them for the next few. As much as I like Heiman and Harris, he doesn't see players who will be contributing at a level he expects a scholarship player to do so. Those guys would be eating up roster space, just as Nana would. This isn't getting the boot from your path to an education, it's getting the boot from basketball. Having 3 or 4 guys happy to come and sit the bench isn't economically, or strategically feasible at the point. I love a feel good story as much as anyone, but being warm and fuzzy isn't going to get us in the top half of the B1G and dancing consistently. We need a solid structure, a plan to build around it, and the flexibility to get the people in who can execute that plan. Guys eating up schollies for 3 years while shining the bench with their butts is a luxury few teams can afford these days.


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This all bothers me a little. I dont have enough knowledge obviously about the situation, and am fully behind FB hire and the firing of TM. But this just feels like its not how NU athletics should be idk.
Nope. It’s not the Nebraska way. The Nebraska way has yielded exactly zero NCAA tournament wins.

It would be malfeasance and dereliction of his responsibility for Hoiberg to do anything less than what he believes it will take to win at an elite level. He was only honest with these kids.

As far as the kids go, someone will want them. I’d love to be 19 again and able to play college basketball on scholarship. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. The world is all before them.

I’ll admit it. I want to win. I’m glad Fred does too. The will to win and honesty are two qualities behind which I believe Nebraska fans can always rally.
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Niang was a great 4-yr player for Fred. Probably my 2nd favorite Clone ever behind the current head coach at Nebraska. He was a project that turned out to be amazing. It will still happen, just not with last year’s guys.

This is a one-and-done, transfer portal sport. Get on board. Nobody got their birthday taken away. Heiman will probably make UNO better.

Hoiberg is a real deal guy who will treat guys right.

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I never played PG well. I think maybe I'm using the term too loosely for your liking, which I understand. I should be saying "bring the ball up consistently" perhaps. I thought that Amir was a defensive PG, but I don't know if he would have made better passes with experience. Thor sees the floor and makes good passes to players in places to score, but doesn't look like he is quick enough to defend a PG. Roby can handle the ball well enough to bring it up against most pressures, sees over the defense but doesn't jump on the shot or pass. I was hoping that Thomas Allen would play point well enough to be a backup, and I think he did that at times. The only true point guard on the team was Watson, and I think he was more comfortable as a SG than a PG. It was a glaring need, I perhaps was looking for possibilities. Good enough?

Fair enough, and only fair that i provide my definition of a PG. They have to have the ability to create scoring opportunities for everyone else. Anyone can bring the ball up the court and it is sometimes beneficial if you have a Roby or a SF with handle to let them exploit mismatches and bring the ball up in the half court sets. However, a true PG creates tempo, pushes when the opportunity presents itself and makes the right decisions nearly all the time. That decision may be to shoot the ball, drive and kick, attack the rim, pull it out and take advantage of a mismatch they have discovered, or all of those things at different times in the game. They are both the heartbeat and the brains of the team and have excellent basketball knowledge, but ultimately, they make everyone better than they would be if the PG were not on the court.


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Do we know that they were all asked to leave?

I liked what Harris brought in terms of hustle, defense. and rebounding. He also got to the rim well. He didn't show much as far as outside shooting and we do have a lot of guards
Agree. One of the few bright spots.