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1964 Muhammad Ali vs 1986 Mike Tyson

1964 Muhammad Ali vs 1986 Mike Tyson

  • Muhammad Ali

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  • Mike Tyson

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I've pondered this many times and I'd have to agree with HHS. Ali in his prime was a magician. Tyson could only hope to get inside with one of those devistataing uppercuts.
Tyson. Now, a 1968-69 Ali.... I'd go Ali. Also, he was still known as Cassius Clay in '64.
He changed his name in ’64 so you could be right because I didn’t specify a month and I appreciate you replying to the thread and all but, really, you felt you had to point that out? Since you want to point things out, I’ll just point out that Ali was out of shape in 68&69 on account of he wasn’t fighting.

But I agree with the sentiment, Ali in his later years and if you wanted to go like 96 Tyson vs 76 Ali, I don’t think there’s a question. Ali was the more determined fighter later in his career. His jaw is underrated. His strength later on wasn’t his speed, it was his ability to take damage.

That said, I don’t know if there’s ever been fighter who could deal with a 20-year-old Tyson’s power and movement. That’s what people forget about Tyson he wasn’t fast like Ali but his movement particularly while in range of the other fighter was incredible. That’s what made him so intimidating I think and also what made him beatable later when he stopped focusing on that.


My initial reaction was Tyson would have murdered anyone you put in front of him at that age, but the more I thought about this I must say I think it all hinges on how many rounds you think it would go. I believe if Ali gets it past the fourth round the odds start moving in his favor and I don't know if any fighter could take Ali in three rounds. So I predict in the first fight Tyson KO's Ali in the fourth. Now the rematch Ali KO in round 10. Third, fight Ali TKO in three but he loses an ear in the process.

Elwood von Kiowa

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86 Tyson, no doubt. If you're looking at any 5-year span (or longer) in their careers, Ali.

And like BRP said, it hinges on how many rounds it would go. But Tyson was such an absolute destroyer in 86, it probably wouldn't have gone long. Ali acted fearless, and he was the creator of the brash attitude (to put it mildly), but Tyson had absolutely no fear; he was like a raging... I don't know, the meanest combination of animals you could think of, just absolutely out of control.