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17 Year Lurker Finally Joins the Fray

Fort Husker

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Hi all! I have been a mainstay on this board since 2002 but never ponied up the $20 until just now. I’ve been here for all the debates – Solich, Callahan, Baker Steinkuhler not playing OT. And I remember the days when Rojo would post long statistical analyses and HIO was our only recruiting expert, long before N2FL, RR, SSO, etc.

Why did I take the leap now? No real good answer for that honestly. At times, over the last 15 years it could be pretty hard to be a Husker fan and it was easier to stay somewhat removed from a certain level of fandom. But now I think we’re on the verge of something special and I can’t sate my Husker fix.

I’m a little bit different from a normal Nebraska fan in that I have no ties to the state or University (though I nearly went to grad school there) but I bleed red all the same. Growing up in Illinois, most of us don’t root for the Illini because it’s a basketball school and Northwestern doesn’t take the best and brightest from our state so no one identifies with them. So if you’re a college football fan in Illinois, you pick your team. Most of my friends back in middle/high school picked the hot teams of the time – Texas, Miami, USC, etc. The day I fell in love with Nebraska was watching the 2001 Oklahoma game and Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass. I had watched them in the 90’s and often felt bad for the other team – Nebraska was just a bully back then. The first time I sat down as an avowed Husker fan was the 2001 Colorado game. I’ve often felt like the reason Nebraska sunk into mediocrity.

Why did I pick Nebraska? It started as a love for their offense. I love the power run game and the triple option. Then it was the bright red austere uniforms. The more I dug into the history, the more I fell in love – Osborne going for two, the sellout streak, Brook, fans applauding the opposing team, most academic All-Americans, etc. Simply put, Nebraska is what college football is meant to be. And I say that as someone from the outside with no bias towards the state. And I may not be a Nebraskan, but I really do live and die with this team. I cried tears of happiness when Scott signed on as HC; I lay on the ground inconsolable after :01 to Texas; I smashed my cell phone after the 2010 Big XII title game.

As a fan, I find I’m a bit different than most Husker fans when I visit games. Most Nebraskans are polite, reserved, and respectful. I like to yell at the refs and make smart alec remarks. It’s the Chicago in me. But on the positive side, I’m an absolute encyclopedia for Husker football from 1993 on. Ask me what our two deep depth chart was in any year or who our recruiting targets were, I can tell you. I’m an absolute Husker obsessive.

Anyway, just excited to finally be a member of the board and wanted to say hello. I look forward to some really good discussions with you all in the near future. GBR!


All American
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17 years lurking? Then deciding to join up.

That's some sloooow decision making.

Congrats for making the right decision.



Tom Osborne
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Great start FH from a Nebraskan that went to college in Illinois (Wheaton). About froze my butt off in the winter of 77-78.