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OK first the ground rules. The choices can not be either score more or prevent the other team from scoring. Those are too easy and too obvious.

So that being said what stat would you like to see improved next year for us to have a successful season.

On offense I would like to see less interceptions. 2AM only had 8 total but they seemed to come at key times of some of our losses
On Defense I would like to see us improve on YPC for the Rushing game. We gave up 5.0 YPC for comparison MSU the best in the B1G was 2.6.


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defence - more turnovers
special teams - more punts returned (although the coverage rules really seem to prevent this)

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D: Tackle for stop on first contact.
O: Improve 3rd down success.

The first one isnt a recorded stat (I dont think) but Nebraska's D needs to improve.

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Total defense

THIS is the one stat that reflects all of the other improvements on defense....a significant improvement in total defense means multiple defensive stats are better.
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