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Year 7: Tim Miles

Discussion in 'Men's Basketball' started by One Hit Wonder, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. LarstheRed

    LarstheRed Junior Varsity 5 Year Member

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    Burn? Burn what? If you don’t give factual information, your posts are just garbage. Are telling us that you think winning ‘approximately’ 50% of the time is adequate for a 7th year coach? This debate is not about one game, or one season, it’s based on an accumulation of performances. Are we happy he’s winning? Of course, Tech and Minnie didn’t feel good. But like every game and season, we need to identify our shortcomings and work on them.
  2. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    Mid-season mark of Year 7 for Tim Miles. One game out of last place with Indiana, Michigan St (×2), Purdue (×2), Ohio St, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Maryland and Minnesota to be played in their last 16 games. Based on what we've seen, is 20 wins even a possibility?

    And for those keeping up with the burn factor, Miles winning percentage at Nebraska is a sizzling 51.6%.
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  3. Husker Mort

    Husker Mort All American 5 Year Member

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    Barely getting past Penn State at home was my last straw. Eager to move on from the Tim Miles era and hope the roster can be kept mostly intact, since recruiting is his obvious strength.
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