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Williams Announces Shepard Plans to Transfer

Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by JHudson, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. DIHRDHskr

    DIHRDHskr Recruit 2 Year Member

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    This all goes back to her Grand dad. His ego was always bigger than the world. I had a personal relationship with the man. The grand daughter was bore from the same tree. Too bad. She is/was a tremendous talent.
  2. joncarl

    joncarl Nobody important 10 Year Member

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    My parents have set next to her 'Grand Dad' at several basketball games, not saying there was a problem back in the day but they seem very supportive and nice these days. Jess's dad is our School Superintendent and while he is very 'confident' he is very open and easy to work with. Sounds like there will be an announcement coming pretty soon in regards to Jess, while I would have loved for her to stay at Nebraska I wish her the best wherever she ends up.
  3. BGRed

    BGRed Varsity 15 Year Member

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