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What would Crouch’s draft stock have been in 2019?

Discussion in 'Football' started by WestTexasHusker, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. WestTexasHusker

    WestTexasHusker Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    Was Crouch 15-20 years ahead of his time? Seems like with the infatuation today with highly mobile QBs, Crouch would be an NFL first rounder this spring.
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  2. Cyberbach

    Cyberbach Founding Father 15 Year Member

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  3. ColoREDo

    ColoREDo REDo posts matter!!! 10 Year Member

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  4. wcbsas

    wcbsas All Legend 15 Year Member

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    He still is only 6'0" tall not ideal even for this current version of the NFL. His 4.5 speed in the 40 while decent doesn't compare favorably either. He only completed 51.5% of his passes and had a 29/25 TD/INT ratio.

    EC should've entered the draft as a WR. He should've returned KO/Punts ... become a Slash kind of player and would've found a good niche in the NFL.
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  5. Huskerthom

    Huskerthom All Legend 5 Year Member

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    The key is mobile QBs who can throw. Crouch only had 2 of 4 years above 50%. Mahomes and Prescott only had 1 year each in college below 60%. Heck Armstrong had better passing stats then Crouch and he did not get drafted as a QB.
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  6. HuskerInTexas

    HuskerInTexas Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Best case, he would've been an Edelman-type player in the slot. He probably couldn't have played QB in todays NFL just like he couldn't do it then either. Not every great college QB translates to the NFL
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  7. HuskerTea

    HuskerTea Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    No idea about the draft position, but I thought he was a good qb for Nebraska. I liked the kid then and like him still.Just me,but I ‘m not a big nfl guy.GBR.
  8. Huskerwisdom

    Huskerwisdom Recruit

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    Pass percentages are a bit of a situational thing. No doubt he was never a great passer, but I think his percentages go up a lot in a modern spread offense, and he would have been very dangerous as a QB in Frost's offense.

    Even today, he'd probably be most dangerous in the NFL as a slash player who can do a bit of everything, including play action when a D has to key on his running ability if he lines up behind center.
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  9. Bleed Red

    Bleed Red Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    He might have if he had a different offense than MR gave him. :)
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  10. solesrfr

    solesrfr Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    Two years under MR did not hurt his QB draft stock. If he was worthy of playing QB in the league he would have at least been picked up instead of just a tryout at RB for the Vikings. And even then they asked him to switch to safety. There is a reason he is playing Indoor Football League in Grand Island.

  11. cthusker

    cthusker You talken to me? 5 Year Member

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    There were several positions EC might have made it in the NFL......... QB was never one of them!
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  12. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck All Big 10 15 Year Member

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    Not a good enough passer. That’s what he current craze of mobile qbs have . Also better schooled in reading defenses
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  13. Cisco

    Cisco Recruit 2 Year Member

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    Compared to whom? There's only been a few quarterbacks to ever clock better times at the NFL Combine.
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  14. MonagHusker

    MonagHusker Recruit 2 Year Member

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    My in-laws live in St. Louis and when the Rams drafted him I thought there was so much Martz could try with him. Hakim was a HS QB I think and there were plays he came in on reverse to throw passes and even an option run or two that I recall. I always thought Crouch might be able to fit that scheme.
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  15. Fort Husker

    Fort Husker Recruit

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    I've thought about this at times.

    Helped His Draft Stock:
    -His passing percentage, as some have mentioned, was a product of the system he was in. Because Nebraska was a power run/option team back then, most of Eric's passes were play action, low percentage throws designed to capitalize on defenses playing the run and hit them with a big pass. If he played in Frost's offense now, or most any spread offense, he'd have a much better percentage because that's what modern offenses do, hence why the record for QBR is broken every year.
    -He ran a 4.45 at the Combine which doesn't sound otherworldly but for machine timed, is extremely fast. For perspective, I've listed Nebraska players best times since 1999 below. Crouch had DB speed.

    1. Fabian Washington, 2005 — 4.29 seconds
    T-2. Prince Amukamara, 2011 — 4.38 seconds
    T-2. Daniel Bullocks, 2006 — 4.38 seconds
    4. Zackary Bowman, 2008 — 4.39 seconds
    5. Roy Helu, 2011 — 4.40 seconds

    Hurt His Draft Stock:
    -Crouch was only 5'11 per his measurements at the NFL Combine. That's not good in any system.
    -His arm strength left a lot to be desired.

    He might be considered in a modern NFL offense but I still think most NFL teams would pass on him.
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