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What’s our stable of IBs look like ?

Discussion in 'Football' started by WestTexasHusker, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. WestTexasHusker

    WestTexasHusker Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    Given that we may lose one to child porn/sex/assault/not an assault/threesome/sex/video/phone-gate...

    Who do we have left to run the rock?
  2. the walking red

    the walking red official ball deflater 2 Year Member

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    Maybe we can get Greg Bell to come back? :rolleyes:
  3. Huskerwisdom

    Huskerwisdom Recruit

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    I don't think we have any IBacks anymore really ;)

    Mills will be a good one, D1/P5 proven and a power back with good quickness and speed
    Mazour more athletic than some think, very quick in the first 10 yards, but I see him as more of a change of pace
    We saw some good things from Bradley his frosh year, good burst, solid built runner, can make a guy miss to get free. I'm interested to see what he did with his RS season. He's likely the next man up
    Rahmir Johnson will be great, but might need a year
    Miles Jones is dynamic and can play - but is more of a combo guy IMO

    would suck to have Washington out, but I think Bradley can be quite good, and would be the guy getting a lot of those carries
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  4. DuckTownHusker

    DuckTownHusker Blackshirt Sith Lord 5 Year Member

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    Maybe Burkhead has some eligibility left.
  5. Babbalanja

    Babbalanja Recruit

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    Wandale Robinson could fill in at times.
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  6. Ackos

    Ackos Heisman 15 Year Member

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    38 Brody Belt RB 5-8 185 RFr. Omaha, Neb. (Millard West)

    33 Jaylin Bradley RB 6-0 210 So. Bellevue, Neb. (Bellevue West)

    49 Austin Hemphill RB 5-11 225 Sr. Gretna, Neb. (Gretna)

    Cooper Jewett RB 5-10 180 Fr. Omaha, Neb. (Elkhorn South)

    Rahmir Johnson RB 5-10 175 Fr. Oradell, N.J. (Bergen Catholic)

    26 Miles Jones RB 5-8 175 RFr. Miramar, Fla. (American Heritage)

    37 Wyatt Mazour RB 5-9 200 Sr. Albion, Neb. (Boone Central)

    Dedrick Mills RB 5-11 215 Jr. Waycross, Ga. (Georgia Tech/Garden City CC) (Ware County)

    43 Connor Ruth RB 5-11 205 RFr. Malcolm, Neb. (Seward)

    Ronald Thompkins RB 5-11 195 Fr. Loganville, Ga. (Grayson)

    28 Maurice Washington RB 6-1 190 So. Stockton, Calif. (Trinity Christian Academy (Texas))

    Zach Weinmaster RB 5-11 185 Fr. Loveland, Colo. (Loveland)
  7. ColoREDo

    ColoREDo REDo posts matter!!! 10 Year Member

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    Get our OL sorted out and who is at RB is less of an issue.
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  8. jmatlock

    jmatlock Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    Washington is head and shoulders above all the backs, too bad his pics didn't reflect the same.
  9. Boji Husker

    Boji Husker Red Shirt

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    Frost said he thinks Miles is an every down back, my guess it would be him and then by committee until a solid #2 is found, and my guess it will be Rahmir. Hoping MW will be with us still.
  10. HuSkaBob

    HuSkaBob Husker Geek 5 Year Member

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    Thread hi-jack!

    Look at this embarrassment of riches from 1982-83:

    Tom Rathman, Mark Schellen, Roger Craig, Mike Rozier, Jeff Smith
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  11. Huskerwisdom

    Huskerwisdom Recruit

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    '95 (but that season was crazy anyways!)

    21 Damon Benning IB 5-11 205 Jr. Omaha Neb. Northwest
    26 Clinton Childs IB 6-0 215 Sr. Omaha Neb. North
    37 Chad Eicher IB 6-3 210 So. Seward Neb. Seward
    30 Ahman Green IB 210 Fr. Omaha Neb. Central
    1 Lawrence Phillips IB 6-0 215 Jr. West Covina Calif. Baldwin Park
    31 James Sims IB 200 So. Omaha Neb. Omaha Central, West Memphis, Ark.
    24 Todd Uhlir IB 5-10 215 So. Battle Creek Neb. Battle Creek

    49 Josh Cobb FB 5-11 235 So. Wallace Neb. Wallace
    Ben Kingston FB 210 Fr. Omaha Neb. Westside
    36 Billy Legate FB 5-11 215 Fr. Elgin Neb. Clearwater
    22 Jeff Makovicka FB 5-10 215 Sr. Brainard Neb. East Butler
    32 Joel Makovicka FB 5-11 210 Fr. Brainard Neb. East Butler
    38 Chris Norris FB 5-10 220 Sr. Papillion Neb. Papillion-LaVista
    28 Brian Schuster FB 5-11 220 Jr. Fullerton Neb. Fullerton
    35 Mike Smith FB 6-2 230 Jr. Dunning Neb. Sandhills
  12. Greatest Fan of All

    Greatest Fan of All The Legend 10 Year Member

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    A bunch of 2-year olds that haven't raced yet but which have some Derby potential, a few 3-year olds who couldn't find their way to the Derby with MapQuest but might win a few lower stakes, and a claimer or two...that describes our stable.
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  13. berryhusker

    berryhusker Travel Squad 10 Year Member

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    Maybe that is true. But guys like Bradley have already proven they can play. Mazour, Mills, and Johnson might just take you to task. You seem to disregard our RB staple/staff but they may prove you and a few others wrong. Let's see how it plays out... GBR
  14. MadRat

    MadRat Recruit 2 Year Member

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    So far I'm not seeing whatever secret sauce is held by the runningbacks coach under Frost. His choices last year were little more than underwhelming. Probably the weakest link in the O for development on face value. i hope he gets something figured out, because Ozigbo #3 saving the second half of the season doesn't happen without Bell's transfer...

    I hope Miles outshines the rest of the itty bitty runningback committee. It bothers me that 'I-Back U' has a stable of midgets and we expect a return to greatness. Mazour is a warrior, but he's no power runner. Bradley is developing well, but the staff has been lukewarm and I could see him leave. That leaves the new guy. Absolutely worst case scenario when it should not be.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  15. Bleed Red

    Bleed Red Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Since DO had already passed Bell on the depth chart and pretty much caused Bell to leave, i'm pretty sure his breakout does happen. Making DO a thousand yard guy in half a season is pretty good coaching compared to what he experienced (and put on film) prior to this staff. If that is the "weakest link", NU is in great shape.
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