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Starting Defense on 8/31/19

Discussion in 'Football' started by BARNUM is back, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. BARNUM is back

    BARNUM is back Son of NUM

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    call your shot - who takes the field

    Khalil Davis
    Carlos Davis
    Ben Stille

    Tyrin Ferguson
    Will Honas
    Mo Barry
    Breon Dixon

    Lamar Jackson
    Deontai Williams
    Cam Jones
    Dicaprio bootle

    D-Line - how will Damion Daniels fit in? he's a veteran and a grown man, but doesn't look like a 3-4 nose tackle to me, D-End? will he play ahead of the senior Davis brothers? - I have no clue

    Linebacker - Ferg, Honas, and Barry seem like locks in my head - its that other OLB position that's hard to figure out. will it click for Tannor so we can see his athleticism? was neon-breon's on-field absence an off-field problem and is it fixed? I have no insight there, but I'm going to rely on the practice whisperers I read on here who say Dixon is a stud - both Dixon and Tannor are have three more years of eligibility, would love to see them turn into studs this year

    Backfield - lots of question marks here - Lamar is the safest best, seems to me like Deontai Williams is the second safest. Cam Jones is a WAG, and i flipped a coin between D-Cap and Cam Taylor.

    I'm probably missing someone super obvious, interested to hear who you think will take the field
  2. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    Great thread, let's get some football talk going. I pretty much agree completely with your first string, unsure if Honas will be ready to go thru spring ball so maybe Miller gets the nod there. You also have a true freshman that could enter into the mix. Go ahead and put Domann in front of Dixon. Bootle will start, only returning all-conference defender. Safety is where I have no clue... Jones, Smith, Pola-Gates, Dismuke? Lots of options. Competition will create some good football players.

    1st string
    DE - KDavis
    NG - CDavis
    DE - Stille

    OLB - Ferguson
    ILB - Miller
    ILB - Barry
    OLB - Domann

    CB - Bootle
    S - DWilliams
    S - Dismuke
    CB - Jackson

    2nd String
    DE - Daniels
    NG - Daniels
    DE - DThomas
    *Neal, Wildeman, Rogers all in the mix. I think they would love to redshirt Robinson but he could factor in if S&C goes well over the summer

    OLB - Dixon
    ILB - Honas
    ILB - Johnson
    OLB - Tannor
    *Hannah and Henrich will battle it out for some second string stop gaps (could they use the 4 game redshirt rule to get 8 games between the two of them?). How will Alex Davis factor in? Thin at OLB especially if Dixon doesn't figure it out.

    CB - Taylor
    S - Pola-Gates
    S - Jones/Smith/Newsome
    CB - Clark
    *DB is the hardest for me to figure out. No idea who is going to play where, some of our guys recruited at safety may start at CB
  3. Twelve String

    Twelve String Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    Hard to argue with what you have penciled in. It will be very interesting to see how Wildeman, Rogers and Neal (sounds like a law firm) will figure in as the season rolls along.

    Given our depth or lack thereof at the linebackers spots I think that Henrich and Hannah might play more than 4 games, and thus burn their redshirts.

    Fun to speculate.
  4. 36Blast

    36Blast Slow Blinker 2 Year Member

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    I think you're a better team with Darrian Daniels on the field at NG flanked by the Davis boys (with Stille). Nose guard is not Carlos's position and he was merely serviceable in that role. Why not put the kid in the best position to succeed? Based on what I've seen and read, Daniels is considered an immovable run stopper.

    Just my 2 cents
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  5. cthusker

    cthusker You talken to me? 5 Year Member

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    With just a little luck we might have found the NG we've been looking for......... If so it could really super charge next seasons defense imo!
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  6. Beareye

    Beareye Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Agreed. I think the elder Daniels starts on the D Line, probably at Nose Guard. He didn't transfer here to be a backup when he almost certainly would have started for Okie State.

    As others noted, Honas as a starting
    ILB really depends on his health.

    OLB will be interesting. Domann, Ferguson, Dixon, and Tanner should occupy the top four spots, but no idea which two emerge as starters.

    Starting CBs seem set. Williams seems like the best bet to be one of the starting Safeties. There are five or six others you could make a case for at the other Safety spot. If I had to guess now, I would go with Dismuke.
  7. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    He has a long ways to go, so I feel like they will start Carlos there.
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  8. 36Blast

    36Blast Slow Blinker 2 Year Member

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    Can you expound upon that a little? He's as experienced as they got on the defensive line and someone who's proven to be a Big 12 starter and the best DL on that team. Are you concerned about the transition from tackle to nose guard?
  9. Huskerwisdom

    Huskerwisdom Recruit

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    I am not even going to venture a depth chart/lineup until I see where some people are this spring, but here's a few thoughts:

    I think we will be a smarter (another year in the system) and deeper team next year (more guys having reps and being prepped to play by Duval/Ellis)

    - Stille will be another year into his conversion. I expect him to be the best defensive linemen we have
    - it will be hard to keep the Daniels brothers off the field, IMO. "little" (er, younger) brother will play as many snaps as he can handle with his conditioning
    - Davis' will be a sign of what Duval and Ellis can do with our linemen.

    - Berry is the only guy I feel confident to start
    - I think we need Domann on the field somehow, somewhere. If he's healthy, he's a dynamic playmaker in a unit that didn't have much of that last year
    - Honas if healthy and getting reps, Dixon maybe, Tannor if he gets bigger and matures
    - I can see a surprise guy here. Either a frosh who fits in early or someone from down in the depth chart - how big can Henrich get by fall?

    - Bootle, Jackson
    - Safety...?? wow, good guesses above -- may the best and smartest safeties win. I wasn't happy with our safety play last year, but with another in the system, I expect a lot more even with new guys. Could definitely be a surprise here
  10. joncarl

    joncarl Nobody important 10 Year Member

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    I think Pickering starts at kicker, don't really care about anyone else.:). most important guy on the team.
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  11. Red Falcon

    Red Falcon Recruit 5 Year Member

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    Is this the Johnson you refer to as a backup ILB?
  12. Greatest Fan of All

    Greatest Fan of All The Legend 10 Year Member

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    If we are starting the Davis brothers and Stille on the DL as some suggest, we are yet again unlikely to be fielding a very good defense. If Darrion Daniels, or his brother, both, or someone else, can't crack the starting lineup...it could be a long year on defense. They are good players, but we need at least one or two exceptional players up front.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
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  13. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    I can but i'm sure you'll leave just as mad as I was because you'll have more questions than answers.

    Let's just say I was as excited as you were about his addition. Thought we found our NG or at the very least a starting DE. When I was asking how things were going, two different people that would know stated "he will give us depth" when I asked them about him specifically. Then just this week I heard on the radio someone who has the same connections reiterate the same thing. Told his co-host to pump the brakes after some of what he's been told.

    It's basically all weight room right now, so i'm hoping once we get the pads on they are singing a different tune. But he's not overtaking either Davis twin, Stille, or Deontre Thomas right now.
  14. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    That's our boy! Staff almost was forced to play him last year. He was that good.
  15. Bleed Red

    Bleed Red Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    What does he need to do better than he did as a very good performer for OSU? Are you saying it is a scheme change, or is OSU's DL just that inferior to NU's?

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