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Sounds like no one is stepping up at RB

Discussion in 'Football' started by Greatest Fan of All, Apr 13, 2018 at 1:53 PM.

  1. Greatest Fan of All

    Greatest Fan of All The Legend 10 Year Member

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    So far there hasn't been much reported of any substance regarding RB's. Recent coaching interviews seem to indicate a running back by committee approach this year. Perhaps, that is Frost's preference, but still...the reports from Held don't seem to be too positive. I'm thinking they need to add another packet of Kool-Aid to the pitcher. I was excited to see the guys they added to the roster but Held's comment's don't match the previous excitement...maybe that's his way of holding out the carrot for all these guys.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018 at 2:23 PM
  2. HuskerTea

    HuskerTea Recruit 5 Year Member

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    I doubt that any positions will be decided in spring practice.Doesn’t seem that anyone has pulled away in most positions.Keep them honest and working all summer.Your comment on the carrot theory is right on I believe.Jmo.GBR.
  3. RockyMountainRed

    RockyMountainRed Walk On Hero 15 Year Member

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    What I heard is we have a lot of talented and capable backs. No one sucks. He is just keeping them hungry.
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  4. Bigger Ed

    Bigger Ed Recruit

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    Keepin' them hungry and keepin' them here.
  5. Paramus

    Paramus Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    No worries...Miles Jones and Maurice Washington are on deck.

    Today on Sirius XM radio, The BTN's Rick Pizzo said he expects NU's offense to score in bunches. Other than Wisconsin, he thinks the B1G West defenses will be down this year.

    Pizzo said he is amazed that SF landed a top 30 recruiting class after starting only 10 days before the early signing period. When asked who he thinks will be the surprise player in the Big 10 that nobody knows about, he surprisingly said Adrian Martinez. Then he said he did not know for sure if Martinez will start, and then shifted the conversation to say he thinks SF's offense will surprise everyone and score in bunches.

    We are not the only ones excited about SF and drinking the SF Kool-aid. Rick Pizzo is too!

    Pizzo has lots of hair like Verduzco. Must be an Italian thing.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018 at 2:34 PM
  6. ColoREDo

    ColoREDo REDo posts matter!!! 5 Year Member

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    Wisconsin loses 7 starters on defense and two others that played a lot. We will see how well they reload.
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  7. Red Crawdad

    Red Crawdad Varsity 5 Year Member

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    Maybe all of the running backs are stepping up equally? :Corn2::D
  8. DuckTownHusker

    DuckTownHusker Blackshirt Sith Lord 5 Year Member

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    Not so sure....

  9. CrabHusker

    CrabHusker Travel Squad 2 Year Member

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    There is talent at the position on this roster. No question. What may be happening is no one individual is so much better than the rest, they're making the choice easy for the staff. That's a better problem to have IMO than having one guy who can play.
  10. CrabHusker

    CrabHusker Travel Squad 2 Year Member

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    I really didn't know he was balding. Srsly.
  11. ChitownHusker

    ChitownHusker Husker Fan 10 Year Member

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    I've heard the coaches say some positive things about Greg Bell. Unless I'm mistaken, the guy who started for us last year, Tre Bryant, hasn't been able to get any reps this spring. If he can come back from his knee injury, he has the potential to be awesome.

    I'm not sure if Ozigbo or Wilbon have the potential to be superstars. I think they're both solid, but I also think they both have a definite ceiling. I'm not yet sure what to think about Jaylin Bradley ... he showed some good things last year. The nice thing about RB is that it is a position where true freshman can contribute, so hopefully Washington or Jones can also step up and earn some playing time.

    It may end up taking a couple of years before the RB position gets back to what it has historically been for us. We had a great run with Helu, Burkhead and Abdullah. Hopefully we can get back to that soon.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018 at 3:15 PM
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  12. HoustonHusker

    HoustonHusker Recruit

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    The actual games will help separate the backs.
  13. solesrfr

    solesrfr Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    Keep an eye on Jaylin Bradley, I think he might end up a stand out RB.

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  14. Huskerthom

    Huskerthom Starter 2 Year Member

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    What short memories people have. I remember when #1 was suspended in 95 and a certain true FR stepped up and we did not miss a beat. Sometimes things are not as close as what we hear. Sometimes they are even closer than we think. Neither one is good or bad. It is what happens in the season that matters.
  15. bilsker

    bilsker Husker Fan 15 Year Member

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    I'm glad i dont read the articles
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