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SOCCER 2018-2019

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by jikastew, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. jikastew

    jikastew All Legend 10 Year Member

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    Might as well combine all soccer related stuff into one thread this year?

    Amazing week for our household. Chelsea has a fantastic transfer window. They get the lynchpin to Sarri's system in Jorginho to start things off early. A must get. Done and done. Roman then goes to sleep for a month, successful ignoring Courtois because he's a whiny punk. They overpay for probably the best young keeper in the world = that's fine. They get Kovacic on loan (and who are we kidding, he wants out of Real Madrid. Whether there is a buy-back clause doesn't matter anymore in world football). Bakayoko is going to Milan unless things unravel, which is great because he's horrendous. And by that, I mean "worst midfielder I've seen get regular minutes in the EPL". We retain everyone that matters. I would have asked for a huge name at CF, but that wasn't available this year. Besides, Morata lost his best friend last year and I'm hoping that explains his generally suckiness last year. We have 2 of our best youth academy players, who the manager actually likes, staying up. Loftus-Cheek, marginalized by Jose and Conte, is on board. Would have liked to lose Drinkwater. He doesn't fit Sarri's system. Though I haven't checked if he was offloaded at the deadline.

    So to sum up: midfield should be VASTLY improved. Scoring should be better with ":Bats/Giroud/Morata whoever scores, plays" rotation. Defense can't be worse.

    Got the parts that mattered except a big name #9. Lost nothing. Got younger and faster. Got rid of coach cancer. Hired the manager who plays a successful style fans love. Didn't break the bank or mortgage the future of the team. Well done, Roman.

    Now, Sporting KC. Mired in a mid-season slump. No discernable threat at CF all year. No hope on the horizon. Then.....out of nowhere.......Felipe is back in game form from injury. We sign back Nemeth at CF (while making a neat 1.6M from the trade and reacquisition). We sign Fontas from Celta Viga. We merge 3 stud youth products into the fold in Busio, Kuzain and Lindsey. All positions of need have been addressed. Youth are being incorporated. This is how small-market SKC should do business. Well done from top brass on down.

    On paper, this is the best 1st squad I've seen from SKC since following them. By a long ways.

    Great week.

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