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Reeves and Smith leaving?

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by HuskerFed, May 5, 2017.

  1. HuskerFed

    HuskerFed Recruit

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    OWH reporting that Tiana Reeves and Brook Smith are leaving the program. Any info?
  2. Sandhills Husker

    Sandhills Husker Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Accurate report. Confirmed on huskers.com also. Reeves going to try track and field which makes a lot of sense.
  3. RedInMyVeins

    RedInMyVeins Tannhauser Gate Veteran 2 Year Member

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    Reeves is a better track athlete, and it's her first love, from what I hear. She seemed to be pretty good, but I can't fault her for wanting to be happy. Smith is backing up Hunter, and there's another young superstar coming in (or is already here) that will probably jump right into Hunter's spot after she's gone, so Smith isn't going to be getting any more playing time, anyway. Very understandable that she'd want to go somewhere that allows her to play more.
  4. Ellis Boyd Redding

    Ellis Boyd Redding Travel Squad 2 Year Member

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    My understanding was that they were put on scholarship this spring semester because of early graduation for the twins. But they would be off scholarship starting again this fall when the freshman class arrives.

    Good luck to both of them.

    Reeves was a great long jumper in high school. Hopefully she can contributor to the Husker T&F team.

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