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Offensive tempo

Discussion in 'Football' started by Husker Country Doc, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Husker Country Doc

    Husker Country Doc All American 15 Year Member

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    @ShortSideOption :

    I’m curious as to your opinion of our offensive tempo this year. To be honest, I don’t think there was a single play where we got a defense confused because of our offensive tempo.

    Our offense would rush to the line, and instead of snapping the ball at that instant, where the defense was still aligning, they would pause, look to sideline, get the call, bark new signals, then snap the ball. There seemed to be ample time for a defense that wasn’t out of 1982 to get aligned and get their assignments sorted out.

    I realize this was likely due to the inexperience in the offense for all the guys, and also having a Fr QB.

    Watching other games this year, it seems EVERYONE is running some sort of hurry-up spread. So the hurry-up is really not all that unique, IMO, nor run quick enough, by NU 2018.

    My questions for you, @ShortSideOption , is will this change in the 2nd year of the system?
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  2. NewYorksker

    NewYorksker Soothsayer 5 Year Member

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    Part of the reason for rushing up to the line is to not allow the defense to substitute
  3. Power of Corn

    Power of Corn Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    maybe the hurry up that we did do allowed us to average 35-40 yards more per game that if we hadnt run it. its hard to see where the advantage came from, as it did not just show itself in a busted coverage as we went 80 yards on a particular play, where they seemed confused about the defenive assignment.

    the advantage prob came in the form of an addl 5 yd on 1 particular play per drive, which isnt very noticeable, but it adds up, we will be even more efficient next yr on offense, need 3 players to really step up on offense next yr, and we need to stay healthy .
  4. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    You bring up an interesting point. Everyone thought that Frost was up tempo, fast fast fast. We ranked 35th in plays per game, and while that doesn't tell the whole story for tempo due to not accounting for lack of conversions and what not, it does paint a bit of it.

    I do think we did it a few times where we hand some defenses on the ropes and hurried up and ran the same RPO again because they either were out of alignment, played it wrong, or had the wrong personnel in. But to your point, we didn't see it nearly as much compared to what I thought was going to happen before the season. Central Florida ranked 36th in their first year as well and actually went with less snaps in 2017 when they went undefeated, 57th. Is that because they were more explosive and had longer plays? I'm not sure. But what I can tell you with certainty is that Frost's offense tries to get a defense in a position to where it strains (Diaco!) them the most.

    Looking at what happened down in Orlando and what we did this year, seems to me that we just try to tempo up to the line to not let the defense sub as @NewYorksker stated, then have Frost get us in the proper play from there. This is going to be interesting to watch come 2019.
  5. CO4NU

    CO4NU Scout Team 5 Year Member

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    imo......The BIG X itself hasn't seen a true up-tempo offense the likes of Frost. I believe the biggest struggle is going to be in "training" the officiating into allowing it to happen.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  6. Red October

    Red October Junior Varsity 5 Year Member

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    I suspect you are asking alot from a Freshman QB and first year coach.
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  7. gardenjam

    gardenjam Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Great point on officiating. We should argue to get younger crews ;)
  8. Cisco

    Cisco Recruit 2 Year Member

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Indiana play quite fast under Kevin Wilson?
  9. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    As it relates to tempo, the issues can be equated to a number of factors.

    We all know Martinez was a true FR but getting hurt didn't help. Clawing back some of the playbook was necessary to protect him and the depth chart.

    It wasn't until about the 4th or 5th game when we saw the depth chart shake itself out and a reliable rotation started to appear. But the drop-off from Ozigbo & Washington was big.

    Nebraska had a couple of very solid options (Morgan and Spielman) but their hands were tied with lack of depth. That was frustrating given the numbers they had on the depth chart.

    The Tight Ends were sparsely targeted the first half of the season and then down the stretch we saw what they were capable of doing and it was exciting to see. Great depth on the roster but they were all young and implementing the TE position is a big X-factor to this offense and relies on a number of other factors.

    Farmer replaced Conrad in about the 5th or 6th game and the O-line started to take off. Of course the O-line in general didn't start performing well enough to until about the 6th game which takes a lot into consideration such as thoroughly understanding the plays, assignments and blocking technique.

    The offense Frost & Co will use is also somewhat contingent upon game-situation. Getting behind big and early changes play-calling and without the entire offense being on the same page, it's difficult to punch it into the 4th and 5th gear to go fast and faster.

    The problems across the board are systemic with the offensive roster and each position is reliable on the other and if one of the positions isn't hitting on all cylinders then it changes the dynamic. Talent but not enough depth; intelligence but not understanding the offense; great effort but they were swimming. I was guilty of saying "Go fast Ricky Bobby!" earlier in the year but they didn't have all of the pieces in place and these guys were neophytes in terms of learning the offense.

    Next year should be fun but don't expect miracles. Lots of depth issues.

    YUENGLING Junior Varsity 5 Year Member

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    It’s not the hurry up it’s the mismatches they try to set up in the passing game. Not sure they’ll need as many adjustments from the sidelines as Martinez settles in. Looking back it’s incredible how well he played as a freshmen who missed his senior year of high school ball. This offense is going to be very difficult to defense in the coming years.
  11. AzHusker

    AzHusker All Legend 10 Year Member

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    Yep. Crawl, then walk, then run.
  12. Husker Country Doc

    Husker Country Doc All American 15 Year Member

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    I’m not entirely OK with up tempo offense.

    There are times to go regular speed, and times to go as fast as possible (after a controversial play that goes in your favor, favorable first down spot, etc)

    I just didn’t see where the tempo gave us any discernible advantage.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  13. TnHusker87

    TnHusker87 Recruit

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    I hope the adage about most improvement from Game 1 to Game 2 equates somewhat from Season 1 to Season 2 as well.
  14. huskrthill

    huskrthill Crap 5 Year Member

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    I'd settle for competent ones, regardless of age. :)
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  15. Huskerthom

    Huskerthom Blackshirt 5 Year Member

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    This was something I found frustrating. There were plays that were clearly questionable and they did not run up and snap it. Hopefully they get a hot call next year for those situations.
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