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New Watch Site in the Cayman Islands

Discussion in 'Football' started by BigRedMax, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Scott in NY

    Scott in NY Recruit

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    This reminds me of a time about 20-25 years ago when a buddy and me went to a local BBQ restaurant/bar to watch Nebraska play K-State (who still sucked but were getting better) here in Upstate NY (a hell of along way from Nebraska). We get settled in and they get the game on satellite for us and all of a sudden some loudmouth starts yelling "Let's Go WILDCATS!!!" from the other end of the bar and this guy has a freaking K-State sweatshirt on. I thought it was pretty neat/unusual to be die hard Nebraska fan in my area but then to see a KSU bum this far away took the cake.

    "Of all the gin joints..."
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  2. ksuhusker

    ksuhusker In a tree somewhere 5 Year Member

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    My parents are from Holdrege, I was born there!

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