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Let’s Talk Troy…

Discussion in 'Football' started by One Hit Wonder, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    HC Neal Brown is a very good coach and was formerly the OC at Texas Tech and Kentucky. It won’t be long until he starts to get courted by bigger programs. In his first year they went 4-8 (2015). In 2016 they were trailing Clemson (AT) Clemson 13-10 going into the 4th quarter but lost by 6 and the stats were nearly identical. They finished the year at 10-3. Last year they lost at home to Boise St but went into Death Valley at night and beat LSU and finished 2017 with an 11-2 record.

    Troy runs a no huddle, pro-set spread, mostly from the gun and uses a lot of pre-snap motion but isn’t a team that normally lights up the scoreboard. Their approach is methodical and they will slow it down to give their defense a rest or when they feel they’re taking control or losing control of a game. Troy’s QB (K. Barker) is a first year starter and is serviceable and will sit in the gun or roll out. Troy has many designed QB runs and although Barker isn’t fast, he’s a patient runner. Back-up QB Sawyer Smith appears to have the stronger arm. Note: Troy’s 4-year starter (B. Silvers) graduated last year.

    Troy lost their top 2 RBs from last year and typically relies on a mix of 3 RBs (sound familiar?). Two of their RBs are small and very quick (5’ 7” and 5’ 9”) and can get to the edge in a hurry. They like to run motion sweeps and also try to get the ball in the flat or on wheel routes.

    WR is a huge part of this offense and Troy returns their top two WRs from last year’s team. They have a lot of depth and will spread the balls to 5 or 6 WRs.

    OL returns 4 starters but have some issues against quicker and more agile defenders. They try to block their space and miss assignments – especially in double teams. (Keep that in mind.)

    On Defense
    Troy runs a 3-4; utilize a lot of speed; disguise their packages well to create mismatches and like to bring the house. Sometimes they don’t disguise their packages at all and will regularly line up 5 to 7 guys on the LOS and will rush them all or drop 3 into coverage and their side-line to side-line speed is solid. Troy likes to lean on its defense and similar to the offense, they lost its best defensive player on defense (LB – S. Lebbie) and a couple of others but return a solid group that includes 3 or 4 JUCO inserts from the last recruiting cycle.

    Turnovers were huge for Troy against Boise St and FAMU and the games played out accordingly. Nebraska lost the turnover battle against Colorado and well… you get the point.

    What to watch?

    On offense:
    -- Nebraska needs to establish the run and in order to do that they will need to pass. Frost & Co need to keep their defense guessing and go faster.

    -- Said it before and I will say it again… Bunch is solid and can run this offense effectively and with the right protection, he can do a good enough job to keep Martinez on the sidelines so he can get healthy. Bunch’s 3rd down pass to Spielman was outstanding – threw it in a spot which took away the defender. Too bad Spielman dropped that pass.

    -- Nebraska needs to counter Troy’s speed on defense so I expect to see the playbook opened up a little more. Also, expect to see the offense move quicker between snaps.

    -- RBs… does Bell have a 5th gear… how about a 4th? Curious to see if Miles Jones gets into the game and although people like to ‘ooh and ahh’ about Washington’s spin moves – I cringe because he could get lit up if he isn’t careful.

    -- Troy likes the Cover 2 or 3 – depends on how you want to slice that apple and ultimately will load the box to bring the house. Stoll and Rafdal could have a very good day; the quick hitters to the TEs should be there all day. If Troy corrects its scheme to account for the TEs, the running game should take off. See how that works?

    -- Watching Nebraska’s OL… Troy’s front 7 are a salty group and our QB will need the protection.

    -- Close your eyes… any Nebraska skill player with the ball vs a couple of Troy’s DBs. They drop their head (like they’re looking at their gut) and flail their arms like an airplane. They will get hurt and it won’t be pretty.

    On Defense:
    -- Pay attention to Troy’s LG and let’s see what Nebraska’s DL can do. I have a sneaking suspicion it will go in Nebraska’s favor.

    -- Troy’s QB: if he gets heavy pressure he doesn’t throw a good ball. Quite frankly, he doesn’t throw a great ball with no pressure. I expect we will see their back-up QB.

    -- The DL needs to NOT get sucked in on QB RPO counter. Troy’s QB isn’t fast but he is patient and will find space. Once again, backside contain will be huge. (Keep in mind that Colorado QB was/is much better.)

    -- Nebraska’s OLBs and safeties need to be aware of the counter, sweeps and the misdirection that Troy likes to use. Watch for Troy’s jailbreaks and RBs coming out of the back for screens and wheel routes – those guys are fast.

    -- Nebraska secondary needs to tighten up its discipline. Last week they got lost and lazy on a few of plays. L. Jackson needs to remember when he has quarter or 1/3 outside coverage; turning inside isn’t his responsibility. Left a couple of WRs wide open on the boundary. Troy’s WRs are talented and fast enough that they will make them pay.

    -- If Nebraska’s front 7 does their job, the secondary will (should) get 1 or 2 INTs.

    -- Saw some flaws in Nebraska’s tackling… they need to tighten it up. Simple form tackles would have done the job; coming in with the idea they’re simply going to drop a guy by hitting him and not wrapping up isn’t going to work.

    Final thoughts...
    This isn’t the same Troy team as last year. They lost some big time players on both sides of the ball from last year's team and seem like a team searching for an identity – definitely not the same energy and are lacking some confidence.

    Nebraska needs to...
    Execute in all phases of the game.
    #2) Win the turnover battle.
    #3) Take control early and don't let Troy hang around. They’re scrappy and these big environments don’t scare them.
  2. Pops

    Pops I have squandered my resistance 10 Year Member

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    Good stuff man. Thanks
  3. RMR

    RMR Walk On Hero 15 Year Member

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    You rock.
  4. Ackos

    Ackos Heisman 15 Year Member

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    Couple of suspensions for troy.

    Jamarius Henderson 8 carrys for 30 yrds against BSU

    receiver Traveon Samuel caught five passes for 41 yards and ran three times for 10 yards against BSU
  5. wcbsas

    wcbsas All Legend 15 Year Member

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    Nice summary! Are you Troy Walters by chance?
  6. Mack The Shark

    Mack The Shark Elite Poster 5 Year Member

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    I always look forward to stuff, OHW. You never disappoint. Great work again.
  7. AzHusker

    AzHusker All Legend 10 Year Member

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    Nicely done, OHW!! Thanks for taking the time. I’ll be re-reading your post tonight. We
  8. Ellis Boyd Redding

    Ellis Boyd Redding Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    Excellent read as always. :Mfclap:

    Is it Saturday yet?

  9. Rednu

    Rednu Recruit

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    Thank you OHW! Your effort is appreciated.
  10. Hu5k3r

    Hu5k3r Red Shirt 2 Year Member

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    Out-FREAKING-standing! and I am definitely NOT talking about your creepy avatar.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  11. Lavaman

    Lavaman Rebel Scum 5 Year Member

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    We need to rack up about 500 rushing yards on these guys and keep whoever is playing QB upright.

    Jerald Foster seemed especially pissed off at the result of some of our short yardage plays on saturday... The OL needs to blow Troy off the ball from start to finish. Run the DL into the stands. They do not have the depth to match us for 4 quarters in a hurry-u prun game.

    Ozigbo should have 200 yards.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  12. CrabHusker

    CrabHusker Starter 5 Year Member

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    Good write up.

    Don't know how you have the time to review enough of their tape to have these kinds of insight. I'm lucky if I can pull up a box score or two before Nebraska plays them.
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  13. All 'N' 011808

    All 'N' 011808 Former Walk-on 2 Year Member

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  14. CoachEmUp

    CoachEmUp Recruit 2 Year Member

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    I don't know how you find the time either OHW but thanks. Always a good read and gets me thinking about Saturday for sure. Sends my work productivity through the floor but what the heck. Interesting it's another Up-Tempo spread team with a 3-4 defense. That familiarity will be helpful for us. Kind of worries me that Meatchicken will be the first Pro style offense this Husker defense will have seen, but that's for next week.

    The thing I will be looking for this week is another step up on the intensity scale. TO observed this improvement and I agree. It was like night vs day compared to prior years. I foresee groups of guys who this week are going to be committed to making 4th and 1s happen and make bad things happen to the other guys on their 3rd and longs.

    TO likes Intensity link:
  15. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    If I can get the film (beyond YouTube) then scouting is easy. Starting to lose my source contacts. The tough part is keeping my write-up condensed to a shorter format so people don't fall asleep.

    Really looking forward to the Michigan game; very interested to see how Nebraska's defense does against their offense. I think the D is much further along than I expected. They're not great but I saw some really good things on Saturday. I also saw a lot of things that takes time and recruiting.

    As far as Nebraska's O is concerned Nebraska is a couple of recruiting classes away. I hope I'm wrong but I think Nebraska gets eaten alive by Michigan's defense.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018

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