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Large Nebraska Radio broadcast collection available

Discussion in 'Football' started by Mark Fricke, May 16, 2018.

  1. Mark Fricke

    Mark Fricke Red Shirt 15 Year Member

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    I have a rather large collection of original radio broadcasts of Nebraska football games dating back to bowl games from the 1960's and 1970's as well as regular season games from the 1970's all on cassette tapes. I used them for research and now don't have the need to keep them. These are original broadcasts with the original announcers. Most of them take up two or three cassettes so there are over 100 cassettes here.

    Among the broadcasts I have are

    1964 Orange Bowl vs. Auburn
    1969 Sun Bowl vs Georgia
    1971 Orange Bowl
    1972 Orange Bowl vs Alabama
    1973 Orange Bowl vs Notre Dame
    1974 Cotton Bowl vs. Houston
    1979 Orange Bowl vs Oklahoma
    1982 Orange Bowl vs Clemson
    1984 Orange Bowl vs Miami
    1985 Sugar Bowl
    1969 vs Oklahoma
    1960 vs Oklahoma
    1970 vs Missouri
    1970 vs Kansas
    1970 vs Oklahoma State
    1970 vs Kansas State
    1971 vs Minnesota
    1971 vs. Texas A&M
    1971 vs Utah State
    1971 vs Missouri
    1971 vs Kansas
    1971 vs Oklahoma State
    1971 vs Oklahoma
    1972 vs Missouri
    1972 vs UCLA
    1973 vs Wisconsin
    1973 vs Minnesota
    1973 vs Kansas
    1973 vs North Carolina St
    1973 vs Oklahoma
    1978 vs Missouri
    1983 vs Penn State
    1983 vs Wyoming
    1983 vs Minnesota
    1983 vs UCLA
    1983 vs Syracuse
    1983 vs Oklahoma St
    1983 vs Missouri
    1983 vs Colorado
    1983 vs Kansas State
    1983 vs Iowa St
    1983 vs Kansas
    1983 vs Oklahoma

    I wanted to try here and connect with Husker fans who might be interested and see what might come of it before I try other venues. I don't have any specific offers in mind so I'm open to any and all ideas.

    You can email me at markefricke@gmail.com with any questions on them.
  2. Mark Fricke

    Mark Fricke Red Shirt 15 Year Member

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    To clarify, this is not an offer to make copies of games for anyone. I am looking to pass the entire collection on to someone who can use it for their own research.

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