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Huskers Having a Hard Time Recruiting Tackles?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Twelve String, May 15, 2018.

  1. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    Throw height being less important in there too.
  2. BigMacHusker

    BigMacHusker Junior Varsity 10 Year Member

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    Going back to 2014 here is what we have recruited at OT and their numbers as recruits

    Nick Gates 6'5" 270
    Christian Gaylord 6'6" 275
    Matt Farniok 6'5" 297
    Broc Bando 6'5" 280 was said to be an option but more likely to play inside
    Chris Walker 6'6" 275 moved to DE
    Brendan Jaimes 6'5" 250
    Matt Sichterman 6'5" 266

    Which one of these guys falls into the needs to be less fat and more lean category?
  3. berryhusker

    berryhusker Travel Squad 10 Year Member

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    I was thinking about this recently. With less pure pocket passing and not needing to always 'see' over the lineman, how does that impact who we recruit on the line?
  4. Redfish

    Redfish Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    We have talent, we lacked coaching prowess and player development. The past staff really needed ready to go players, they needed starters from the get go. They were very poor developers of talent. I think you will see major strides in effort, ability and understanding of what is expected of them. And we will see it this year. Significant improvement, but maybe not the most significant in the win column. But I'm betting we don't get hammered 56-14 by OSU again. We were absolutely LUCKY to score in that game.

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