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How many wins would meet your expectations

Discussion in 'Football' started by Hville, Jul 10, 2018.


What is the minimum number of wins that would make you feel they met expectations this year?

  1. 5

  2. 6

  3. 7

  4. 8

  5. 9

  6. 10

  7. 11

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  1. PasadenaHusker

    PasadenaHusker Just A Fan 5 Year Member

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    This is pretty much how I feel.
  2. BleedinHuskerRed

    BleedinHuskerRed Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    I say if we’re not bowl-bound by the end of the regular season, then I’ll be disappointed.

    Caveat: For this season ONLY. Ask again next season, and I hope my answer is quite different. ;)
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  3. BARNUM is back

    BARNUM is back Son of NUM

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    i think that anything less than 7 would be a pretty bitter pill, and probably hamstring our recruiting efforts. I can live with 7 so that was my poll selection. if you made me put money on a line of 7.5 i'd bet the over. something about today - probably that i'm catching up on reading the board - has got me really itching to get this thing going - Can't wait for fall camp to start
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  4. Skunkman1

    Skunkman1 Husker Immortal Love Tool 10 Year Member

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    I want as many wins as we can, but more I want to see smart coaching. Smart coaching in all aspects of the game.

    Also no more smack down losses!
  5. Cyberbach

    Cyberbach Founding Father 15 Year Member

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    Heck Skunk, thought maybe you broke your thumbs..... where's the triple sweet thread?:cool:
  6. Skunkman1

    Skunkman1 Husker Immortal Love Tool 10 Year Member

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    Getting close, next week?
  7. Pops

    Pops I have squandered my resistance 10 Year Member

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    7 with a upset win at Wisc and loss to Troy
  8. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck All Big 10 15 Year Member

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    9 wins minimum
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  9. Hooked on Huskers

    Hooked on Huskers I'm old as a rock 2 Year Member

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    10 minimum


    Nostradamus said so ...... :thumbsup: ;)
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  10. ramsker

    ramsker Short...but slow 10 Year Member

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    I'm not going to be overly disappointed with 5 - 6 wins . . . if the losses are generally close, we're improving and we finally put a scare into some combination of Wisky/tOSU/Iowa. That's progress, whether the W/L numbers say so or not. This year is about righting the ship and setting up for next year and beyond. 6 wins and a bowl is great--anything beyond that is gravy.

    Would love to have more wins, but new staff with new QB and trying to fix all the issues left by former staffs . . . all combined with a brutal schedule? That's a tall order to expect 7 - 8 wins or more. Would love it if it happens, but I'm not expecting that.
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  11. Sonuvahusker

    Sonuvahusker Antediluvian Abrasiveness 15 Year Member

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    Absolutely see 8 wins on our schedule, plus the frost factor gets us an extra. 9 wins. Get on the wagon, or get out of the way.
  12. Hville

    Hville Scout Team 2 Year Member

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    Get out on the wagon or get out of the way? Being realistic about what is likely to be accomplished this year has nothing to do with being on the SF or Nebraska band wagon. Especially if you are saying 9 wins. Why aren't you calling for 14 if that is the case. Are you saying you will be off the bandwagon if they don't meet your expectations of 9 wins this year?
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  13. akweasel

    akweasel Awesomeness In Every Post 15 Year Member

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  14. Show Me State Red

    Show Me State Red Recruit

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    Per the question I say 8. Win the games you are supposed to win on paper as determined a couple days prior to the actual game. Compete for 4 quarters in those games you are predicted to lose as determined a couple days prior to the game.

    The salivating, rabid fan of my youth would say 10. We have out-recruited everyone in the Big 10 West every year and most of those in the East every year so top to bottom we should have more talent then most on our schedule. We have the consensus 2017 best coach (and staff) at the helm, who has proven himself at multiple stops, and, is a Nebraska man plumb-clean to the bone. We will have a young starting QB but that is not the sticky-wicket that it once was 20 years ago. Each year several teams start a young QB and do well (UCF being the most relevant example). We have a new offense and defense again but with the talent on hand and consensus best coach (with staff) guiding them the impact shouldn't be as drastic as it was with HCBC and HCMR.

    Michigan and OSU games will be the most challenging. The Michigan game because UCF played them recently so HCSF's system will not be new to them and Michigan returns a lot of players. The OSU game just because. Whisky is a coin toss because I believe HCSF's play calling and speed of game will keep their heavy-hitting style honest. The rest of the schedule I think we will either be favored or the line will be so close it could be considered "within the margin of error". 2-cents
  15. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    I'll stick my neck out here... I expect 6 wins. Am thinking we get to 7 wins. If we get to 8 i'm going to be damn excited about our future. And if we go 9 or above I worry we set the bar way too high out of the gate. Not always a bad thing, but could have some negative things down the road come up. I don't think we will have to worry about 9+ though. Here's where i'm at...

    2 MAJOR things that national analysts and Vegas said were going to give us trouble last year and thus our lower win total predictions than the season prior are:

    1 - New QB. Usually a pretty big indicator. And Tanner Lee had actually played some FBS football before. Gebbia and Martinez are each a year removed from playing any football, and that was at the high school level. There would be some growing pains even if we had been running the same offense for 5 years. Let alone it being year 1.

    2 - New DC - We all thought Diaco would suit who we were better, but at the end of the day it was a new defense our kids had to learn. There are growing pains. Statistically, there's no way we can be worse, but it's still new.

    So there's 2 things right there that go against us that also were factors in low predictions last year. You also add in these two:

    1 - New HC/OC. Basically this is going to happen anytime there's a change. But the fact is, this is still new.

    2 - On paper, a much more difficult schedule than 2017. 2018 has us with some definite challenges from opponents before we even look at what may be facing us.

    All that said, I still expect us to be better. While someone could put lipstick on a pig that our non-conference will be extremely tough, I expect 3-0. I could see 2-1, but won't get devastated. Purdue and Illinois at home are wins that should take us to 5. Minnesota i'm not sold on and they are at home, should take us to 6. From there on out, all five of our road games we will be underdogs according to the preseason outlook, and Sparty at home we will be an underdog. I think we can grab one maybe two of those, but that also means we can't screw up anywhere else to get to 8 wins.

    7-5 is what i'm hoping for. 6-6 is my epectation. 8-4 oh my we got something here. 9-3+ I hope people don't get too crazy with expectations 2019.

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