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Connor Curry out for extended period

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by ShortSideOption, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    Not great news. Luckily getting our other draft pick in the 2018 class (schwellenbach the other) back and ready for the start of conference to soften the blow.

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  2. cchusker

    cchusker Recruit

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    Late reply.......yes....not good for pitching depth.......todays Air Force game......did the announcers say anything about Luensmann injury....or did they keep talking about "80's and 90's tv shows.....ugly win but winning streak before league starts.......any updates on Schwellenbach ankle?
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  3. CrnhskrBob

    CrnhskrBob Husker Immortal 15 Year Member

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    First of all, it was not an ugly win!! Really? No matter what, they had this game in check!

    As far as Luensmann, while I was on, I did not hear a word about him. You can always listen to the rebroadcast.

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