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College offenses slowing?

Discussion in 'Other Teams' started by Rednu, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Rednu

    Rednu Recruit

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  2. AzHusker

    AzHusker All Legend 10 Year Member

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    Interesting article. The author's use of the term "craze" almost imply's that he thinks is a fad of some sort. I don't know whether it is or not.

    This is more what I see Frost's offense doing. More like "variable speed" similar to a major league pitcher in his delivery - just keep the other guy off balance and from getting into a rhythym.
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  3. Elwood von Kiowa

    Elwood von Kiowa Grad Assistant 5 Year Member

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    Like so many things in college football, this goes in cycles. Back in the days of 180-lb linemen, a lot of teams would go no-huddle (a milder version of "tempo"). As O linemen got up towards 300 lb, teams would huddle up more. Not that the two trends were entirely related, but there seems to be some correlation.

    Fast forward to Chip Kelly et al, and the tempo games were all the rage. Now the more innovative coaches are blending the best of all the different approaches.
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  4. BigRedFA

    BigRedFA Recruit 5 Year Member

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    One thing has not changed and that is the fundamental concept of creating desirable mismatches. HCSFs offense will only be successful if it keeps the defense on the field and off balance. The offense is not at a point right now to be able to simply line up and say we are out and out better than you. This offense relies on three things 1) ultra smart coaches 2) smart, quick twitch quarterbacks, and 3) a defense able to absorb more than average field time.
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  5. Huskerthom

    Huskerthom All Legend 5 Year Member

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    Let me start with this. This seems like it could be a main board thread. Since it definitely applies to our head coach.

    Let me add 1 and 2 also mean that you may have to ignore stars when it comes to looking at QBs. The top dual threat guy may not be the best guy for you. This type of O is all about fit. Thinking quick is every bit as important as moving quick.
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  6. CrabHusker

    CrabHusker Blackshirt 5 Year Member

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    The 'hurry up and wait' comment is more of what I've seen. The offense getting lined up extremely quick and limiting substitutions and lengthening the amount of time they get to evaluate the defensive position. I don't recall seeing too many teams last year snapping the ball consistently with less than 10+ seconds on the play clock as SOP other than in hurry up or two minute situations.

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