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Class of 2018, who steps up?

Discussion in 'Football' started by ShortSideOption, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Twelve String

    Twelve String Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    On a national signing day that was mostly a snooze fest, the most exciting news for me was the health of Wildeman, Rogers, Jurgens and Taylor. 3 out of those four were Rivals 4 star recruits last year. Frost even lamented in his new conference how sad it was for him to see those guys on the sidelines last year.
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  2. ksuhusker

    ksuhusker In a tree somewhere 5 Year Member

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    I'm going with Tanner and Alston. They need to play with rage against the machine attitude.
  3. Lavaman

    Lavaman Rebel Scum 5 Year Member

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    This might be the obvious answer, but Im still going with Washington. If he makes a significant jump, that is an awfully dangerous combo in the backfield with Martinez and would likely give us the offensive firepower to beat everyone on our schedule.
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  4. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    Might as well include the 2017 class in this discussion. Only 10 guys remain from the class and only one is listed as a junior (B. Jaimes). The remaining guys are sophomores and we need some production from this group:

    RB - Jaylin Bradley
    WR - Jaevon McQuitty
    TE - Austin Allen
    TE - Kurt Rafdal
    OL - Broc Bando
    OL - Matt Sichterman
    DT - Damion Daniels
    DT - Deontre Thomas
    DT - Chris Walker
  5. ShortSideOption

    ShortSideOption All Big 10 10 Year Member

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    That's all that is left? That could shrink down to 4 or 5 left by the time all is said and done.
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  6. NU_Alum

    NU_Alum All American 2 Year Member

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    That's amazingly horrible. Wow.
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  7. One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder Recruit

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    Re-introducing the entire 2017 recruiting class:

    1. Jaylin Bradley - [RB] - Bellevue, NE - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    2. Jaevon McQuitty - [WR] - Columbia, MO - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    3. Austin Allen - [TE] - Aurora, NE - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    4. Kurt Rafdal - [TE] - Carmel, IN - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    5. Broc Bando - [OL] - Bradenton, FL - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    6. Brenden Jaimes - [OL] - Austin, TX - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    7. Matt Sichterman [OL] - King Mills, OH - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    8. *Chris Walker - [OL] - Lincoln, NE - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    9. Damion Daniels - [DT] - Dallas, TX - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]
    10. Deontre Thomas [DT] - Mustang, OK - [Expected to be on 2019 Roster]

    *Walker was originally recruited for the OL and is now on the DL.
    11. Guy Thomas - [DE] - Miami, FL - [Quit - November 2018]
    12. Tristan Gebbia - [QB] - Calabasas, CA - [Transferred - Oregon St]
    13. Ben Miles - [FB] - Baton Rouge, LA - [Transferred - Texas A&M]
    14. Tyjon Lindsey - [WR] - Las Vegas, NV - [Transferred - Oregon St]
    15. Keyshawn Johnson Jr. - [WR] Calabasas, CA - [Transferred – Arizona]
    16. Willie Hampton - [LB] - Plantation, FL - [Transfer before 2018 season]
    17. Andrew Ward - [LB] - Muskegon, MI - [Transferred - Central Michigan]
    18. Avery Roberts - [LB] - Wilmington, DE - [Transferred - Oregon St]
    19. Deiontae Watts - [DT] - Plano, TX - [Never Enrolled – Academics]
    20. Elijah Blades - [DB] - Pasadena, CA - [Never Enrolled – Academics]
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  8. UNCC Husker

    UNCC Husker Recruit 2 Year Member

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    What happened to Herian anyway? Was it a knee or concussion?
  9. RMR

    RMR Walk On Hero 15 Year Member

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    I think he broke his leg real bad ...my recall...?
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  10. FeelLikeAStranger

    FeelLikeAStranger Keeping it Brockmire 15 Year Member

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    There apparently wasn’t a column for personal character or team commitment in Riley’s recruiting charts. The ability to overlook abject coaching incompetence in exchange for a pillow-soft ride (with sprinkles) must have been #1.
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  11. HuskerSuperGenius

    HuskerSuperGenius Hit hard and Hustle,nothing else matters

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    Katerian Legrone: Very important that he join Stohl as a threat at TE. We did not threaten the middle of the field anywhere near enough last year.
    This needs to improve to the level seen with UCF's tight ends (30-40 catches) to enhance the big play aspect of the running game.

    On defense, I hope that JoJo Domain has been working hard on S&C to remain at OLB. Speed, speed, speed on defense is what we need and he provided that when he was well enough to play.
    Speed makes plays, provides options (blitz), and can outrun mistakes when mistakes are made.

    With all the players redshirted and 2019 class, give me speed on defense please to go with the experience of the same system two years in a row and very good things will happen :).
  12. FullbackTrap

    FullbackTrap Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    Sichterman. Got to be Sichterman. It will be interesting to watch TE development this next season, but I think Stoll has that position locked up for now. DD and DT on the defensive line need to take steps forward obviously, but I am most hopeful for added depth on the offensive line, and MS is a guy who can provide it.
  13. FeelLikeAStranger

    FeelLikeAStranger Keeping it Brockmire 15 Year Member

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    With so few ‘17’s remaining, this roster will have a hole in ‘older’ leadership at some point. Lots of guys in the middle will need to step up.

    I think the number I heard today was something around 80/160 freshmen on this roster. Look out in 3-4 years.
  14. AzHusker

    AzHusker All Legend 10 Year Member

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  15. NUinID

    NUinID Scout Team 2 Year Member

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    Herian, that was a Greek tragedy. Watched him play in HS and he was a men among boys in C1. He most likely would have had an NFL career. He was 6'5" 250 and ran about a 4.6 forty. After the injury I doubt he could even break 5 seconds.
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