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Bryce Harper....

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Let it be by the code, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. wcbsas

    wcbsas All Legend 15 Year Member

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    Where does Harper end up? Did this season go so badly that he'll have no choice but to re-up with the Nats?
  2. Knight

    Knight Red Shirt 15 Year Member

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    As a HUGE Nats fan, I was resigned over a year ago to the fact he wouldn't resign with the Nats. Been all over the board whether that is a good thing or not. Just in the last couple of weeks it is looking like the Nats are back as a choice. I'd say take him if you can. But the Nats will certainly be fine without him. And watching him in DC everyday during the season , he is a fine player and a fine person. He has matured. He isn't the bad dude everyone thinks he is. His defense has started to lag though. But they need him as a hitter anyway. No more running into walls in the outfield.
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  3. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash It’s one thing to read about dragons... 2 Year Member

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    Yeah, I’m torn. A large part of me doesn’t want that kind of money locked up into anyone. That said, the bigger picture says sign him. By the end of his contract there will be a handful of players who make more than that. Then you factor in merchandise and apparel sales. Yeah, you sign him if you can, but I don’t feel all that great about it. It’s looking a little more promising that he will be a National.

    Nats really need to sign Dozier. If they sign Harper and Dozier, they are going to be a pretty damn good ball club this year.

    Long term, I think you bring Harper in to play 1B and phase out Zimmerman. I hate to say it because he’s Mr. Nat, but you have to. Also, signing Harper means that keeping Rendon will be hard. But, when Carter Keiboom moves up next year, Dozier could slide to 3rd.
  4. bugeater61

    bugeater61 Kill All Humans 15 Year Member

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    You can always put Harper back at catcher if you don’t want him running around the outfield.
    All I know is my team won’t sign him. :(

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