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Body language speaks volumes.

Discussion in 'Men's Basketball' started by LarstheRed, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. LarstheRed

    LarstheRed Junior Varsity 5 Year Member

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    I don’t know how to post a twitter feed.
  2. HuSkaBob

    HuSkaBob Husker Geek 5 Year Member

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    I am glad Tanner didn't punch that guy - but I wish he would have threatened to. The refs didn't call hanging on the rim against him, he was swinging his elbows the whole game, and the MD bench was on the floor (literally had 3-4 players on the playing floor) the whole game. The refs did not have control, and while they didn't cause Nebraska to not play well, they certainly didn't live up to the moment. And this crew has a history of bewildering calls.

    Bud Crawford needs to come work with the basketball team. Maybe he can bring Houston Alexander. They need some serious fight.
  3. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash It’s one thing to read about dragons... 2 Year Member

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    Yeah, that was a horrible call. Not the no-call on the Bruno backdown, but what Bruno did after that should have been a technical 100 times out of 100. The Big 10 needs to privately address that crew because that was absurd and I don’t blame Miles for going ballistic. They should have went back to the monitor, reviewed the play, and issued an additional technical on Fernando.

    You’re right, what was a bad crew and I cringe anytime I watch a game with them out there, especially if it’s Nebraska.

    This team lacks toughness which is why Evan Taylor was such a big loss. That kid was tough. The rest of these guys are vanilla ice cream when it’s time to get physical.

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