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Anyone Else Into Homebrewing?

Discussion in 'Max's Kitchen' started by BehindEnemyLines, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. BehindEnemyLines

    BehindEnemyLines Scout Team 10 Year Member

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    My second batch isn't even out of the fermenter yet, and I am hooked.

    My first batch tasted like a Budweiser and a Chardonnay had a baby, but that's largely because I got a free lager extract kit and had to ferment it at 68 degrees. I wouldn't have bought it, but it was drinkable.

    On Sunday, I did a 3 gallon partial mash amber ale. What I thought was a 3 gallon pot ended up being a 2 gallon pot, so I had to improvise. I knew I'd need to do a partial boil, but not to that extreme. Luckily, I bought an extra gallon of top-off water. I was pretty pleased, though. My target O.G. was 1.055, and my measured O.G. was 1.053.

    I'm planning to go all-grain next, but I'm in the process of waiting for some of the equipment (I recalled two 8 gallon turkey fryers from my warehouse) and converting a 10 gallon igloo cooler into a mash tun.
  2. Big Burruss

    Big Burruss Junior Varsity 2 Year Member

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    I have a 1 gallon kit and I like doing it, just don't have time to do more than a batch or two per year.
  3. KingTM

    KingTM All Big 10 2 Year Member

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    Hey, if you ever need anybody to QC your product, I'm your guy. :thumbsup:
  4. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Red Shirt

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    I home brew. It's a very enjoyable hobby. I usually do around 4 batches a year (4 seasonals). Usually 2 are really good, 1 is decent, and 1 sucks.
  5. RedRum

    RedRum Travel Squad 5 Year Member

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    I have a pretty good set-up and do all grain. Also, built a 5-tap kegerator.
    Here are some tips that make the most difference. If you do all grain and stick to 5 gallon or less, I just use a large pot as a mash tun and then stick it in the oven and close it. It holds heat just fine.

    1) Invest in a fermenter you can control. A bought a 7 cf chest freezer and a controller like this http://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=471 except with both a heating and cooling plug in. I put a light bulb in a can for the heat source (if it can get cold out) and plug the chest freezer in. You put your fermenter into the freezer and can dial in the temperature though the entire ferment within a fraction of a degree. This will get rid of a log of off flavor as well as try different fermenting temperatures which can bring out different flavors.

    2) Get a stir plate and flask and grow your yeast to the right pitch count. The liquid yeast pack is never enough for a proper pitch.

    3) Use a heat exchanger to quickly cool things down. This will drop out a lot of proteins and get a cleared beer.

    4) Use geletin for and a cold crash to get really clear beer. Once the ferment is done, put in a little Knox geletin and drop the temp to 32 for a day or two. You will get zero chill haze.

    5) Don't use a secondary fermenter. You can do everything just fine in a primary without the risk of of contamination or hassle for racking another time.
  6. Squatchsker

    Squatchsker Benefits are not earned, they are granted. 10 Year Member

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    I brew cold coffee. Is that good?

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