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ad blocks and Huskermax

Discussion in 'Technology Central' started by Red October, May 14, 2016.

  1. Red October

    Red October Scout Team 2 Year Member

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    Im not interested in speed in loading, what bothers me most is when I type a thread response and it take 5 seconds per character to type it...adbloc works wonders in allowing a response to be typed. Before I used adbloc, I had almost decided to go back to brand x forum...This is one of the best forums on the net for information and us loyal users are what makes it that way..thanks for your response.
  2. HuskerNCorpus

    HuskerNCorpus All American 10 Year Member

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    Keep getting a very annoying ad pop up from Capgemini. Really sucks.
  3. BGRed

    BGRed Varsity 15 Year Member

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    Had been experiencing this for a while and had decreased my HM Forum visits as a result. Finally got enough ambition to search through the Tech forum section; just turned on AdBlock and now am flying along.

    However, I also appreciate the HM site and do not want there to be unnecessary revenue loss. If there is a solution besides AdBlock, please let me know. Otherwise, seems like a different ad strategy may warrant investigation. No other site was as slow loading for me as HM; so, I am guessing that there is a different setup available.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016
  4. Bean

    Bean Grey Shirt 2 Year Member

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    I always encounter a "Huskermax is Not responding" error message when I visit this site from home. I am using Windows 10 IE 11. Husker Max will load initially then freeze and then the "Not Responding" error message appears and the request to "Reload" appears at the bottom.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  5. Huskermedic

    Huskermedic The Tech Support Guy Staff Member 15 Year Member

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    Most of the load times are coming from ads so let Bigredmax know about it. He made some adjustments to the ads to help speed up the loading time so if this is still happening to you please send him a message.

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