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Husker Dan Looks at the Duck Hunt

Observations from the Oregon game

Why is it that for two consecutive weeks, Nebraska couldn't seem to find its rear end on defense in the first half? I know, there's a new DC, new scheme, Tanner Lee was making his first road trip as a Husker in a very hostile environment etc. I get it.

Let's look at the Husker "Tale of Two Halves" through two games:

Pts allowed by NU
Arkansas State:
Oregon: 0
Average: 5

Pts scored by NU:
OU: 21
Average: 18.5

Pts allowed by NU:
OU: 42
Average: 34.0

Pts scored by NU:
OU: 14
Average: 20.5

For the season, Nebraska has scored a total of 78 points (not bad), but have given up 78 points and a ton of yardage to two unranked teams.

The Oregon game (42-13 at the half) was reminiscent of the 2007 Oklahoma State game at Nebraska in which the Cowboys led 38-0 at the half. Man, was that one scary. And so was Saturday's. At least the first half. But credit the players and coaches for not quitting Saturday. And some credit might also go to the Duckies for taking their collective foot off the gas pedal.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Mrs. Husker Dan and I were forced to watch the Oregon game with some Duck fans (they weren't really Duck fans, they just took great pleasure rooting against Nebraska). Sick, no?

So anyway, we had to escape, right? Luckily, we found another TV in the house, but the only channel I could find that carried the game was the Spanish Channel (or whatever it's called).

Oh, and neither of us speaks a lick of Spanish. So we spent the last 10 minutes of the game not having any idea what the PBP guys were saying. Really weird.

The Huskers are a couple of plays from being 2-0, but are also a couple of plays from being 0-2.

What we don't know yet is how good (or bad) ASU and Oregon are. If these two teams get slammed during the succeeding weeks, it could be proof that the Huskers might not be very good this year. It's just too early to tell. Go Red Wolves and Duckies!

And compounding the problem of not knowing how good the Red Wolves are is that the Miami Hurricanes @ Arkansas State game was canceled Saturday due to the storm in Florida. We may have to wait a few weeks to see who the real Red Wolves are.

This Saturday night, the Duckies travel to Wyoming. The joint will be rockin' in Laramie!

One of the highlight's of Tanner Lee's performance Saturday was his ability to find a wide open Stanley Morgan Jr. for a TD during an Oregon corner blitz. Yes, maybe it was a blown coverage, but Lee picked up the blitz and made the Duckies pay for it.

When are the Huskers going to face a QB who isn't named Justin or Justice? Oh yes, this week at home against the Huskies from Northern Illinois, that's when. The dude's name is Daniel (great name) Santacaterina.


I'm glad Mike Riley was upset after Nebraska's loss at Oregon. It was a game the Huskers could have and should have won. I'm glad no one was claiming a moral victory. BTW, the loss gives Mike Riley a 1-7 record at Autzen Stadium. Drat.

I'm not sure how many Husker fans thought Nebraska would win Saturday, but I wasn't one of them. NU is just not ready yet to face a good opponent like the Ducks on the road. One and one is exactly where I thought NU would be at this point.

Don't be surprised if there is a Husker-Duck rematch in a bowl game this year. Remember, you heard it here first.


Did you see the point spread for this week's Husker game vs Northern Illinois? Thirteen points. Yup. That's narrower than Oregon's over Nebraska. Wow. Football "experts" really don't think much of this year's Husker team. At least not yet.

Not to worry. With games with Wisconsin, Ohio State and Penn State, there are ample chances for Nebraska to improve its lot.

This week's game might not be the romp many Husker fans are hoping for. Look for another tough game.

When I found out Nebraska will be ending its annual Black Friday games in a couple of years, I thought this was just another in a series of conference shuns of Nebraska.

The "real" Husker rivalry at the end of the football season used to be the Oklahoma Sooners. Those should never have been dropped. I know, they were not always the final game of the regular season, but most years in the Big 8, they were.

And when the Big 8 morphed into the Big 12, Nebraska lost the Sooners as their rival and was given, instead, the Colorado Buffaloes. Sigh... And when NU joined the B1G, Colorado was replaced by Iowa. Neither the Colorado nor Iowa series developed as a true rivalry. So who really cares?

Just bring back the Sooners. And Barry Switzer if he's available...

You may contact the writer at HuskerDan@cox.net.

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    1. Husker Dan Sep 14, 2017
      Thanks for the kind words! GBR!!!
    2. YUENGLING Sep 14, 2017
      Well written