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Justin Prestidge

The author's columns published before spring of 2016 are archived here.

  1. Posted By Justinprestidge
    Aug 11, 2017
    , Justin Prestidge
    Preseaon Review
    This Just In…

    2017 looms large for Riley

    Walking out to the car today I was putting my things in getting ready for the typical daily grind, when a few leaves fell and landed on my seat. Hmmm….it’s August, but I guess fall is right around the corner. Of course living in Texas August and September still mean 100 degree heat and melting humidity.

    Seems like just yesterday I was tuning out of another crushing bowl performance, and yet here we are right on the cusp of...

  1. Posted By Justinprestidge
    Dec 13, 2016
    , Justin Prestidge
    Season Review
    Well, folks, it’s been awhile. The last part of the year has not been kind to myself and my family. Couple that with my limited ability to write, much less do anything else, and it can drive a person to the brink. Spending the better part of two months in and out of the hospital tends to do that to you—or maybe it was just a really bad reaction to the Wisconsin loss, although the hospital bills say otherwise. It also appears our Huskers’ recent ills were hospital worthy as well. After...

  1. Posted By Justinprestidge
    Sep 7, 2016
    , Justin Prestidge
    Fresno State commentary
    This Just In ...

    Delay of game just delays the inevitable, there is no fight in these dogs

    Huskers close out Bulldogs 43-10

    On a special yet emotion-filled evening, it was nice to sit back and enjoy the season opener. While it wasn’t perfect, I am sure Sammy was up there watching, ensuring that there would be no Hail Mary this time around. I am also sure that he would have rather had his Huskers march down the...