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Husker Dan

The author's columns published before spring of 2016 are archived here.

  1. The .500 Huskers jumped for joy following yesterday's 27-17 win over perennial bottom feeder Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights, if you'll recall, haven't won a B1G conference game since 2015. But the Scarlet Knights led Nebraska 7-0 and had a 17-14 third-quarter lead before caving in to a steady Husker running attack.

    And, sadly, Tanner Lee threw yet another pick-six in the third quarter, silencing the nearly 90,000 Husker faithful.

    To be sure, Lee has thrown three...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Sep 16, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    What will happen once conference play begins?
    No. Illinois 21-Nebraska 17

    Let that sink in for awhile. Nebraska finished the non-con season going 1-2 against three unranked teams. And the lone win was against Arkansas State in a game that came down to the last play. And with that scare, Nebraska could very easily be 0-3.

    And what is going to happen once conference play begins? This season could get ugly. Real ugly.

    Tanner Lee had another subpar performance today against NIU, but Lee's O-line didn't do...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Sep 13, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Observations from the Oregon game
    Why is it that for two consecutive weeks, Nebraska couldn't seem to find its rear end on defense in the first half? I know, there's a new DC, new scheme, Tanner Lee was making his first road trip as a Husker in a very hostile environment etc. I get it.

    Let's look at the Husker "Tale of Two Halves" through two games:

    Pts allowed by NU
    Arkansas State:
    Oregon: 0

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Sep 5, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Recapping the encounter with the Red Wolves
    At last, we now know why Husker defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was a no-show during Saturday night's "presser" following the Huskers' 43-36 win over the scrappy Arkansas State Red Wolves.

    Nothing to see here. Just a mixup in communications between Husker head coach Mike Riley and Diaco. According to Riley, Diaco will be available to the media following the rest of Nebraska's games.

    Now we can all finally get some sleep. Sigh...


  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 29, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Thoughts as a new season is about to begin
    Can you believe it? Game week is upon us and not a moment too soon. So here goes another edition of "Husker Dan's Big Red Notebook."

    RILEY'S 200th WIN?

    Saturday night will mark Mike Riley's 200th game as a college head coach. And If the Huskers win, it could be said Riley won his 200th game. But with the win, it would actually be Coach Riley's 109th win. Confusing? Not really, but the 200 milestone is nice to hear, no? "Riley won his 200th career game." Hmmm.


  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 23, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    A December trip to Indy might be more in reach than you think
    Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
    Micheal Jordan

    Husker Fans: Grab your paint brushes, get your plane tickets and make your hotel reservations for the B1G Conference Championship game December 2nd in Indianapolis.

    Sound crazy? That goal might be more real than most people imagine.

    But how is that possible? All the "experts" are picking Wisconsin to win it. NU is even picked by one preseason mag to finish fourth in the West...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 14, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Getting caught up on correspondence from readers
    It's time to get caught up on some of the emails I've received from my readers.

    Dear Husker Dan:

    My husband and I went to school at UNL in the mid-90s. We saw several of the best Husker football teams ever and maybe they were the best football teams ever play college football.

    Do you think Nebraska will ever regain that level of excellence?
    Thea Lader
    Houston, TX

    Dear Thea:
    It-th, I mean, it's hard for any team to reach that level of greatness. To be...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 7, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    A Max at QB, a Riley milestone and more
    Max Duggan (Council Bluffs Lewis Central pro-style quarterback) has been offered a scholarship by the Huskers for the 2019 class. If Max chooses NU, his nickname would likely be (with his crop of red hair) "Big Red Max." Or, he might be called "Super Max," or even "Mad Max." Or (are you listening, David Max?): Husker Max! BTW, the kid can run and throw. By 2019, Tanner Lee will be gone; Patrick O'Brien will be a junior and Tristan Gebbia will likely be...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 1, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    When the time comes for that Big Husker Tailgate in the sky
    At my ripe old age, it dawned on me recently that all those who will ever play football for Nebraska in my lifetime, have likely already been born. Whoa! I didn't see that one coming!

    And so it's to all you fellow geezers and geezerettes out there (and you know who you are), I am dedicating the following prayer.

    Dear Lord:
    I know one day you'll have to take me to that Big Husker Tailgate in the sky, but, I pray you don't take me before the...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    May 7, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Help us salute the members of our armed services!
    Husker fans: If you like to play golf and would like to support our nation's veterans, troopers, wounded warriors and Gold Star Families, you don't want to miss Husker Fans Salute The Troops' Fourth Annual Golf Scramble.

    Husker Fans Salute The Troops is an all volunteer 501(3)(c) organization that each fall honors our nation's true heroes and their families with a special Husker football weekend. This year's celebration (Tenth Annual Celebration) will be the weekend of...