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A question of offensive performance

’Skill positions’ generally have Husker fans’ confidence; o-line … not so much

My Pregame Perspective question this week centered on the Husker offense. On a rainy morning before the Nebraska-Northern Illinois kickoff, I asked, “Which offensive position group has the most potential?” My intent was to find out what part of the offense has the highest ceiling.

The answers were quite balanced, which perhaps is appropriate for the sort of pro-style offense that Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf envision.

The wide receiver group barely edged out the quarterback group for top honors, 33 percent to 32 percent, and the decisive vote was cast by someone who made it clear he thinks tight ends have the most potential.

“(Coach) Keith Williams has my confidence,” said Matt Salerno of Omaha. “He’s one of our top recruiters. Outside of Ohio State, other Big Ten teams won’t match the speed of Tyjon Lindsay or J.D. Spielman.”

The running back group was next with 27 percent of the vote.

Trailing the field with only 8 percent of the vote was the offensive line group.

This survey took place in the South Haymarket and along 11th Street.

Often when I asked my question, people wanted me to specify whether I meant which group has the most room for improvement or whether I meant which group will likely be the best performers. When I clarified it for them, they generally shied away from choosing the offensive line.

A longtime Husker fan, sportswriter and history buff, Tad Stryker started writing for this website in 2008. You can email him at tad.stryker@gmail.com

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