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  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Sep 15, 2017
    , Dave Feit
    Realism and optimism from a tough loss
    So....that didn't exactly go as planned, did it?

    The good news, if you want to see it, is in the big picture this loss doesn't really hurt Nebraska.

    Nebraska wasn't ranked, so the loss just puts them lower in the "Others receiving votes" wasteland. Only the most rabidly passionate fans believed Nebraska would make it to the College Football Playoff, so I think we all can accept that is not going to happen this year. The big prize for the year - a West Division title, and a shot at that...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Sep 13, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Observations from the Oregon game
    Why is it that for two consecutive weeks, Nebraska couldn't seem to find its rear end on defense in the first half? I know, there's a new DC, new scheme, Tanner Lee was making his first road trip as a Husker in a very hostile environment etc. I get it.

    Let's look at the Husker "Tale of Two Halves" through two games:

    Pts allowed by NU
    Arkansas State:
    Oregon: 0

  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Sep 9, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    Blackshirts find their footing in second half, but Lee’s four interceptions devastate NU in loss to
    Weeks from now, we may look back to halftime of Nebraska-Oregon as the moment the Cornhuskers refused to give in to the darkness.

    And weeks from now, we’ll have a better idea of just how much that silver lining of a second half was worth.

    Nebraska won the second half, 21-0 and quite likely salvaged its confidence in the process. Shutting out Oregon after halftime seemed inconceivable after the speedy Ducks scored at will in the first half.

    No doubt, that was one brutal half of defensive...

  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Sep 8, 2017
    , Dave Feit
    Should you overreact to what you saw Saturday night?
    This season opener is a bit of a rarity for Nebraska. The Huskers debuted a new defense, revamped special teams, and an offense with more passing capabilities, and no reliance on the QB run game. And there were lots of new faces manning key spots in these new schemes. Typically, when you see that level of change there is also a head coach working his first Game Day. Instead, there is Mike Riley entering his third year as Nebraska's head coach.

    Obviously, with so many question marks and...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Sep 5, 2017
    , Husker Dan
    Recapping the encounter with the Red Wolves
    At last, we now know why Husker defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was a no-show during Saturday night's "presser" following the Huskers' 43-36 win over the scrappy Arkansas State Red Wolves.

    Nothing to see here. Just a mixup in communications between Husker head coach Mike Riley and Diaco. According to Riley, Diaco will be available to the media following the rest of Nebraska's games.

    Now we can all finally get some sleep. Sigh...


  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Sep 3, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    Bryant, Lee, Spielman offset a rough night for the Blackshirts as Huskers hold off Arkansas State
    Did you ever have one of those dreams where you’re almost safely home, but out of nowhere, a pursuing monster comes closer and closer, and the harder you run, the slower you move?

    Yeah, a real B-film climax. That’s what Nebraska-Arkansas State degenerated into. Luckily for Nebraska fans – at least the ones who stayed to the final play – it was a happy ending, thanks mainly to sophomore I-back Tre Bryant, quarterback Tanner Lee and redshirt freshman slotback J.D. Spielman.


  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Sep 2, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    60 percent of Husker fans surveyed expect nine wins or better this fall

    How have the expectations of Cornhusker fans changed as they anticipate Mike Riley’s third season as head coach?

    My survey indicates no dramatic shift from last year, although expectations are slightly higher. A majority (54 percent) set the bar at nine to 10 wins, and six more want a West Division title or a Big Ten title. That’s 60 percent. Last season, 57 percent expected nine wins or better.

    However, only 6 percent said they...

  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Sep 1, 2017
    , Dave Feit
    Need help picking over or under? We can help.
    As you complete the Nebraska Football Over/Under Challenge (presented by HuskerMax and 1620's Unsportsmanlike Conduct), you may be unsure on which play is the best choice.

    Your amateur odds-maker (me) tried to set the lines close to what the expected outcome will be, to get action on both sides.

    While not telling you how to choose, here are some points of reference to use as you see fit:

    Wins for Nebraska in the 2017 season. Line: 7.5
    As you know, last year Nebraska went...

  1. Posted By N2FL
    Sep 1, 2017
    , Jeremy Pernell
    9-3, 8-4 seem the most likely regular season scenarios
    Mike Riley's jump from five regular-season wins in 2015 to nine in 2016 was the largest win improvement from Season 1 to Season 2 by any coach in Nebraska history. Last year was the Huskers' first perfect season at home (7-0) since 2012 and just the second since 2001. Last season, Nebraska was 6-0 in games it absolutely should've won (Fresno State, Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue and Maryland); 0-1 in the game nobody expected them to win (at Ohio State); and 3-2 in...

  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Aug 31, 2017
    , Dave Feit
    Predict over or under and enter to win!
    HuskerMax.com is teaming up with Omaha's popular "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" radio show to present the Over/Under Challenge, where you can predict the Nebraska season and win prizes.

    Simply go to the Over/Under Challenge page and predict if the 2017 Huskers will end up over or under the 10 benchmarks listed. Put in your name and email...