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  1. Posted By N2FL
    Aug 19, 2016
    , Jeremy Pernell
    Nebraska adding talent to return to national stage
    With last week's addition of Booker T. Washington (Miami, FL) defensive end Guy Thomas, the Huskers now have 13 known commitments in their 2017 class. With 20 scholarship seniors, they probably have around 10-12 more spots to fill taking into account annual attrition. This is exactly where Mike Riley and his staff wanted to be at the halfway mark of the 2017 class. Nebraska wanted 12-15 kids on board by the time the season rolled around and they are right on track.


  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Aug 29, 2016
    , Dave Feit
    It all boils down to a single word
    In today's Omaha World-Herald, longtime columnist Lee Barfknecht lays out his case for how Nebraska - particularly the football program - can return to national prominence. In Barfknecht's opinion, it all boils down to a single word:


    Having read this column a couple of times, I think it all boils down to a single word:


    I know that over the years, Lee has proudly embraced his title of "Nebraska writer Nebraska fans love to hate". But I've never hated him or...

  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    May 26, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    With highly-touted recruits, will Riley, football team follow suit over next three seasons?
    Patience, the old saying goes, is a virtue. It’s one that Nebraska sports fans possess in abundance, and it finally was rewarded.

    Coach Darin Erstad and a baseball team that seems created in his image have broken the long Cornhusker men’s team sports drought. The Huskers can finally call themselves Big Ten champs in something besides volleyball, track and field, or women’s basketball. Is it an omen of better things ahead, both in baseball and other sports?

    It’s been a long, tough dry...

  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Jun 30, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    In third season, clear progress by NU coach would bring healing to the Heartland
    How long will Husker Nation continue to be a house divided?

    When will the clamor about Mike Riley finally die down? At times, Nebraska fans seem like two nations at war. Can we reach a consensus on the nice guy from Corvallis who makes brilliant off-the-field decisions and proved that you can indeed persuade four- and five-star high school prospects to take a serious recruiting trip to Lincoln – but who already has a losing season at NU, and whose winning percentage as coach of the Big Red...

  1. Posted By Dave Feit
    Aug 30, 2017
    , Dave Feit
    Calling out an OWH columnist for trying to make 2+2=5
    Last year, Omaha World-Herald columnist Lee Barfknecht opined about how a "lack of toughness" within the program and athletic department was responsible for holding Nebraska back.

    Instead, it was little more than a platform for Lee to go through his big list of grievances about Shawn Eichorst, Mike Riley, and 'kids these days.'

    I had some fun taking Lee to task for some of his curious takes and flimsy logic,...

  1. Posted By N2FL
    Sep 20, 2017
    , Jeremy Pernell
    Riley, Huskers reach pivotal crossroads
    Nebraska essentially paid Northern Illinois $820k to put its head coach on the hot seat. Following an inexcusable 21-17 loss to the Huskies, Nebraska is now sitting at 1-2 - and could very easily be 0-3 - heading into conference play. Mike Riley is in year 3 and losing to MAC teams coming off a 5-7 season should not be happening. Northern Illinois came into this game having lost 11 of their last 17 games. They were also without their starting quarterback.


  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Aug 25, 2016
    , Tad Stryker
    Senior QB has Riley's second-year story in his hands
    Tommy Armstrong trails only coach Mike Riley as the central figure of Nebraska’s upcoming football season. Entering his second year at NU, will Riley do as well as a game coach in 2016 as he’s done making off-field decisions the past six months? Time and Armstrong will tell.

    Armstrong makes things happen. Armstrong is a difference maker. Without Armstrong, NU doesn’t beat Miami or Iowa in 2014. Last year, the Huskers would have lost to Michigan State, and UCLA without Armstrong. Then again,...

  1. Posted By BigRedMax
    Aug 28, 2016
    , David Max
    Sites of interest for music, fishing and hunting enthusiasts
    As many long time readers are aware HuskerMax used to be called HuskerPedia. I had other partners that were developing Pedia suffix domains since 1998. We launched HuskerPedia as a proof of concept for the Pedia suffix brand. In 2010 my now ex-partners stole HuskerPedia and the other Pedia suffix domains from Joe Hudson and myself and that is when HuskerMax was started.

    The disagreement ended up in a lawsuit which we won in late 2011. In the settlement Joe and I received several Pedia...

  1. Posted By Tad Stryker
    Mar 5, 2017
    , Tad Stryker
    Diaco’s energy, healthy offensive line, launch of QB competition are highlights
    It seemed like the first day of summer vacation. It was Day One of Nebraska football spring drills, a movable feast day on the Old Cornhusker Fan Almanac calendar. With the kickoff of fall season still six months away, it was a moment in time to relish.

    In his on-field coaching debut as NU’s defensive coordinator, Bob Diaco unleashed his high-energy style on the Blackshirts. The early returns were encouraging. Diaco exuded intensity and set the tone for the day. Mike Riley certainly liked...

  1. Posted By Husker Dan
    Aug 29, 2016
    , Husker Dan
    Preview of the Huskers' 2016 season
    I saw a T-shirt for sale at a local (Omaha) Husker apparel shop that said "Make Nebraska Great Again."

    Maybe Riley and his staff can one day restore the golden years ('90s) of Husker football, but it won't likely happen this year.

    For now, let's take a peek at what the Huskers are going to look like in Year 2 of the "Mike Riley Experiment."

    1.) Quarterback (C+)
    Tommy Armstrong returns for his senior year with 33 career starts under his belt. But despite that, I'm thinking...