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Thread: Update on Patrick Onwuasor

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    Update on Patrick Onwuasor

    Free Rivals content....

    Quick hits

    Despite recently picking up an offer from USC, a source said Patrick Onwuasor is probably not going to end up with the Trojans because they like him as a defensive back and he is set on playing wide receiver.

    That's good news for Arizona and Nebraska, the top two teams vying for Onwuasor, a strong 6-foot-2, 190-pound three-star prospect from Inglewood, Calif.
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    good news.. hopefully Bo anc co. can land him and continue to add depth to that POSITION.

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    If I were USC, I'd be taking any solid recruit where he wants to play right now...

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    There has been a lot of speculation that Taariq Allen took Onwuasor's spot. I don't think so. Davie can flip to the defense as a safety. I know the staff is still looking for a safety and with Stafford's verbal now considered soft, I think Onwuaser could fit in nicely.

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    All the "shifting" that goes on with recruiting is a bunch of baloney. Just sign the kids, put 'em through camp and let the chips fall where they may. Of course you don't want to under-fill a given position, but we seem to be doing ok with Burkhead at RB instead of QB like his high school days.
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    Burkhead only played QB as a junior. He was primarily a runningback and camped as such during high school.

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