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Thread: How many people with concealed carry permits have shot a criminal?

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    How many people with concealed carry permits have shot a criminal?

    I hear lots about how someone with a concealed weapon permit could stop crime....but how often has this happened besides shooting someone breaking into their house?

    I'm thinking that only happens in movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by utsker View Post
    I hear lots about how someone with a concealed weapon permit could stop crime....but how often has this happened besides shooting someone breaking into their house?

    I'm thinking that only happens in movies
    It happens most often without a shot being fired, as it should if the permit-holder is smart. From personal experience - my (late) stepdad, who was a retired Navy Seal and had a CCW permit, intervened in an attempted parking lot mugging/carjacking. The victim ended up not getting hurt, and the perp was detained until police arrived. My stepdad rushed over when he saw what was happening, pushed the perp into the victim's open car door and then stood there and told him to stay put while another bystander called 911. All he had to do was pull back his jacket far enough for the perp to see that he was carrying, and the perp stayed there without trying to get away until police arrived and arrested him. The police were very complimentary and thankful to my stepdad, but I'm sure since the weapon was never even drawn that this never ended up in any statistics anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pops View Post
    Thats called football...I dont tune in on saturdays to see their grades

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    We could more easily address defensive gun use in general. There are many studies on the use of guns for self defense with estimates of the range of Defensive Gun Use ranging anywhere from 800000 times/year all the way up to almost 2.5 million times/year. You may not agree with the link, but the defensive use of guns is very prevelant.
    There are approximately two million defensive gun uses (DGU's) per year by law abiding citizens. That was one of the findings in a national survey conducted by Gary Kleck, a Florida State University criminologist in 1993. Prior to Dr. Kleck's survey, thirteen other surveys indicated a range of between 800,000 to 2.5 million DGU's annually. However these surveys each had their flaws which prompted Dr. Kleck to conduct his own study specifically tailored to estimate the number of DGU's annually.

    Subsequent to Kleck's study, the Department of Justice sponsored a survey in 1994 titled, Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms (text, PDF). Using a smaller sample size than Kleck's, this survey estimated 1.5 million DGU's annually.

    Since as many as 400,000 people a year use guns in situations where the defenders claim that they "almost certainly" saved a life by doing so, this result cannot be dismissed as trivial. If even one-tenth of these people are accurate in their stated perceptions, the number of lives saved by victim use of guns would still exceed the total number [Page 181] of lives taken with guns. It is not possible to know how many lives are actually saved this way, for the simple reason that no one can be certain how crime incidents would have turned out had the participants acted differently than they actually did. But surely this is too serious a matter to simply assume that practically everyone who says he believes he saved a life by using a gun was wrong.

    This is also too serious a matter to base conclusions on silly statistics comparing the number of lives taken with guns with the number of criminals killed by victims. [100] Killing a criminal is not a benefit to the victim, but rather a nightmare to be suffered for years afterward. Saving a life through DGU would be a benefit, but this almost never involves killing the criminal; probably fewer than 3,000 criminals are lawfully killed by gun- wielding victims each year, [101] representing only about 1/1000 of the number of DGUs, and less than 1% of the number of purportedly life-saving DGUs. Therefore, the number of justifiable homicides cannot serve as even a rough index of life-saving gun uses. Since this comparison does not involve any measured benefit, it can shed no light on the benefits and costs of keeping guns in the home for protection.

    However if you want to concentrate on CCW holders, this link provides Lott's study as well as other critical papers and opinions of the work:
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    I have never had to pull mine..I have unbuckled the latch

    i dont want to shoot anyone.. If i saw a woman being raped and a child abused I would take great pride in beating the scum to a inch of his kife
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    I have a CCW but I don't carry. I got it just in case I have to someday...a day I hope never comes.
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