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Thread: Honey Badger in rehab no foothall in 2012

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    Honey Badger in rehab no foothall in 2012

    Looks like the kid's hopefully very serious about getting clean. Mathieu is checked in to the Right Step center in Houston. According to his Dad, Mathieu will not play football anywhere in 2012. He's eligible for the 2013 draft but I can't see him declaring for the draft after not playing any football for a year. Like I wrote in the other thread, expect to see this kid back on the field at LSU next season.
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    Best of luck to Tyronn in getting things turned around!

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    I was mildly annoyed by all the "honey badger" mania last year (not because of his play but more in the sense of Musburger calling Major Applewhite "The Major") but I really respect him for owning up to his problem and seeking help. Best of luck to Tyrann.

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