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Thread: Recruiting Hype and The Walkon

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    Recruiting Hype and The Walkon

    I love to see a walk-on like Spencer Long be one of the top lineman in the Big Ten

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    Me too!
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    I would rather see us identify local talent and give them scholarships out of HS.

    But that being said....I love the fact that Nebraska guys like Long, Choi, Pensick and Rodriguez are big time players for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Howl View Post
    I would rather see us identify local talent and give them scholarships out of HS.

    But that being said....I love the fact that Nebraska guys like Long, Choi, Pensick and Rodriguez are big time players for us.
    I agree, but some players aren't highly recruited because of what they couldn't put on film based on their ability/facilities/coaching. So coaches really don't know what potential they have until they come on as a walk on.
    Full disclosure: I grew up in an era of Husker football when it was blasphemous for a coach to say he was "spooked" out of calling a run play. Of course, that was when hard-nosed running defined the program.

    It's difficult to establish a strong run game without firm resolve. Daily resolve. In too many instances — such as when Nebraska calls for passes on third-and-3 in four-down territory — a lack of commitment is evident.


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    I am good friends with Spencer's sister (name drop, kind of), he'll be the first to tell you the linemen that got offers over him deserved it. But he knew he could earn a spot and a scholarship.

    The other thing to this, and this may rub people the wrong way, but his father is a neuro surgeon that I work with. Like it or not, he could afford to get to Nebraska on his own dime and earn a scholarship. The walk on program was started to not only add depth to the program, but it was a way to get "well-off" farmers kids on the team to pump even more money into the athletic department, giving them a reason to donate.

    A lot of the kids deciding to take the Iowa or D1AA scholarships, just don't have the luxury. Bo would also be the first to tell you that he probably wishes he had an additional 10 scholarships to give a Bazata, Ott, etc. and take a chance on them, but he doesn't, and has to take the best talent available.

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    I'm curious, did Long have any D2/FCS type offers? None listed on his bio. Amazing story for a kid like that to be completely obscure coming out of HS and in just his third season become not only a solid starter, but an all-conference/national pre-season watch list level player. Great testimony to his personal commitment and dedication and a shining example of what our walk-on program was designed to do...fill holes in the roster due to injuries/misses.

    Let's call him a WINO...walk-on in name only. Don't think he'll be waiting too long for that scholarship.

    As far as the comment about locals and scholarships...the talent level in the state has been lacking recently. Seems like a down cycle, and hopefully that will come back around. The best recruit in recent memory was Rodriguez, and he was a transplant. Guys like Ott (injury), Bazata...victim of numbers as much as anything, but just not at that level where a scholarship offer is compulsory for an in-stater, unfortunately.
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